Thursday, February 24, 2011

Possible List of DOTM Trailer Dates?

A post over at the has posted a possible list of names and dates for the trailers and TV spots that will be released for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It seems reasonable on the surface. March 25th is the release date of Sucker Punch, April 3rd is when the controversial mini-series The Kennedy's will air on the Reelz Channel, and May 5th is Thor's release date. As usual take with grain of salt but at least have a ballpark date to pay attention to which is better than nothing. Thanks to DJ.Bigtyme Beats for the link.
Announcement trailer december 8, 2010
superbowl tv spot "dark" february 6, 2011
daytona tv spot "nascar" february 19, 2011
teaser trailer march 25, 2011
reelz tv spot "autobots" april 3, 2011
mtv tv spot "moon" april 21, 2011
theatrical trailer may 5, 2011
nick tv spot "invade" june 13, 2011
movie release in 3d july 1, 2011
dvd tv spot 1 september 8, 2011
dvd tv spot 2 september 23, 2011
dvd/blu-ray release october 7, 2011


  1. Announcement trailer december 8, 2011 <- 2010

  2. I hope this is real, a trailer in about a month would be nice, and im sure it will be like the first 2:17 trailer we got for Revenge Of The Fallen, looking forward to it.


  3. March 25 for the teaser trailer that would place it with suckerpunch. That the only 'related' movie it would be attached to. I was hoping it would come out with battlefield LA thats in like two weeks almost

  4. Battlefield LA would be a better choice than that Sucker Punch movie. ROTF already had a trailer out by now. What is the hold up?

  5. this one has 3 trailer's out already. We had the roughly 2 minute trailer where they showed them on the moon and 2 30 second trailers...a longer action packed trailer though would be nice

  6. A whole month for us to stew till the next trailer comes out? It has to be full 3D.

  7. Dammit, when I originally saw this on the other website I read the teaser as "february 25, 2011" (the fact that both Feb 25 and March 25 are Fridays confused me) so I got all excited :(

  8. ^

    We all have a hard time waiting for this movie to come out, just be patient the days are going fast.

  9. Hurry up Bay


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