Saturday, March 26, 2011

CGI Shockwave Images & Product Line Galleries

Another link fest to a bunch of Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys, accessories and books. The main highlight is a look at Shockwave in his ILM created CGI glory. I think this is the first time his look has been revealed as will appear in the movie. Previous looks were via the toy and the video game. Other items include leader Ironhide, plush toys, and more Sentinel Prime voice clips.

DOTM Junior Novelizations (4x)
Much like was done with Revenge of the Fallen; a wave of 4 children's books is being prepped around Dark of the Moon. Of note is the covers provide the first real look of Shockwave in his CGI glory. The books revealed on Amazon Japan are "Colour and Create", an Activity Book, junior novel based on the movie, and The Ultimate Guide which is info on all three movies. The planned release date is 6/9/11. Thanks to Sahara for the link.

Kre-O Figures
ACToys has revealed a little bit more details about the Kre-O Transformers line that was revealed a few months ago at the New York Toy Fair. The line is another attempt by Hasbro to enter the building blocks business that is ruled by Lego. The Lego like mini-figs alone just might make this line worthwhile. Hasbro might want to take a page from Lego and offer the mini-figs separately. (via AllSpark)

Dual Model Kit Prototype Images (10x)
Hit the link to view a gallery of images that show off model kits being developed for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee as part of the Dark of the Moon product line. No idea if these kits will be available outside of Japan.

Plush Bumblebee (2x)
It seems a plush line will join the rest of the Dark of the Moon offerings. The line will include Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and a "mystery" character that I am guessing will be Megatron.

Jolt, Sideswipe, Topspin in Package Images (2x)
Hit the link for two images that show off the three deluxe figures in their packages. Nothing new that we have not seen before. The image resolution isn't enough to read the bios but if previous package pictures are any indication, Hasbro has learned to write up the bios so they do not reveal any plot points from the movie.

DOTM Voyager Optimus Prime Repaint? (3x)
A Yahoo! Japan Auction reveals a potential new version of Optimus Prime that sports an ax as a weapon and a much parker paint scheme. It could also be a custom job. Hit the link for the rest of the images. As usual time will tell on how legit this figure is.

Leader Class Ironhide Gallery (7x)
A new eBay auctions shows off the upcoming DOTM figure. Of amusement is the "Not for Sale" stamped on the side truck door. OVer all the figure is pretty awesome and shows a lot of potential even though the arm kibble could be an issue. (via Seibertron)

Sentinel Prime Sound Clips
Below is a brief video that shows off more of the sounds and voice clips that come with Leader Sentinel Prime.

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  1. Still no pics of Soundwave? That could be a good thing, (spoiler wise)


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