Monday, March 07, 2011

DOTM Toys Linkfest with Wheelie

A bunch of galleries and news relating to the Transformers: Dark of the Moon toy line. New auctions have revealed a look at Shockwave, a test shot of Sentinel Prime, and Sideswipe. There are also galleries that show off the in package look at various characters and a close look at the Stealth Force line including possibly the first look at the new orange version of Wheelie. In the video department below is a review of the first figure released at retail from DOTM along with a look at part of Hasbro’s marketing campaign for the toy line.

Shockwave in Package
The images above of Shockwave comes from a Yahoo Japan auction who is the big bad of DOTM (besides Megatron). Still not sold on the tank mode but do like the robot mode.

Stealth Force Line Images
Hit the link to check out images of the new DOTM Stealth Force line. The line seems to be about a weapon mode for the TFs as panels and the like fold back to reveals a bunch of fire power. I don't think any of these have a robot mode. I have no idea if the orange buggy below is Wheelie but the orange color is very close to his Generation One counterpart.

Sentinel Prime Test Shot Images
An eBay auction reveals an early test version of Sentinel Prime that shows the overall shape of the figure but is missing a whole of details. Apparently this is from early in production while they were still tweaking the mold and determining what colors to use.

DOTM Sideswipe
Another auction, one that provides a look at the new mold for deluxe Sideswipe. If like other releases, this one is probably a touch smaller than Revenge version with modified transformation that his swords being a single piece and smaller backpack.

DOTM Deluxes in Package
ACToys continues to get first dibs on looks at the latest toys. This time we have in package front and back views of deluxe Crankcase, Roadbuster, Ratchet, and front of Bumblebee. The site also posted a look at the vehicle mode of leader Ironhide. A few images below, rest at link above or mirror at TFW2005.

DOTM Limited Edition Preview Pack Optimus Prime
As the video shows, Hasbro has released the first figure from the Dark of the Moon toy line to retail. The limited edition Cyberverse Optimus Prime figure is a Toys R Us exclusive that comes with 3D glasses and retails for $9.99. The figure is has a fantastic truck mode but the robot mode is just so-so.

Hasbro's DOTM Marketing Campaign Begins
It seems that Hasbro's end of promoting DOTM has begun as a new commercial for Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards 2001 reveals the toy line is sponsoring the awards show with a brief image of voyager Optimus Prime at the 21 second mark.


  1. The Stealth Force toys are actually already available in (Western) stores. The only thing new is that JAPAN is finally getting them, that's why there's new preorder sheet pics.

  2. Hey..i found an article>>

  3. Thats Not Wheelie, the Mosnter truck is Named Big hoss

  4. japanese says biggu hosu underneath him.
    never heard of the guy.

  5. Shockwave box picture = blue
    Shockwave toy,= purple
    Shockwave movie = silver


  6. stealth force transformers??? can u say MA MA MA M.A.S.K!!!


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