Wednesday, March 02, 2011

DOTM Toys: New Figures, Galleries, and Review

Over the last two days new images and the like have surfaced online regarding the Transformers: Dark of the Moon toy line. In the new toys department, an eBay auction (via TFormers) that reveals a repaint of deluxe Landmine. Two other new toys is the armored weapons platform that have legends (now called legion) and scout (aka commander) class Prime or Megatron cabs transform into robot mode while their trailers have a "assault vehicle mode" and "battle base mode". Click here for more in package images of the toys.

In regards to galleries, click the links for new images of deluxe Barricade and deluxe Ratchet. To my knowledge both are new molds of the figures as the deluxe line has apparently experienced some minor shrinkage to probably account for the larger "Tech Mech" weapons and still keep the price paints the same.

A reorder list from Malaysia found by AllSpark reveals what seems to be the second wave of toys for release on July 16th, 2011. The new additions include "Space Optimus Prime" (probably a repaint), Condor which is the Japanese name for Laserbeak, Bamblebee w/ Nest Team (yep that was how spelled) set, and Starscream with Spaceship set.

One last gallery is a look at the official Takara-Tomy images for the first wave or so of Dark of the Moon figures when they are released in Japan. As usual for Takara, the figures have a very simply but nifty numbering scheme that makes it easy to track your collection. A shame that Hasbro continues to refuse to copy this. New additions from previous galleries is Arcee (repaint of ROTF version) and Air Raid. Skyhammer is there too but called Vortex.

Speaking of Skyhammer, Peaugh once again scores an early release of the voyager figure and below is his review. Still no clue if this Autobot is a character in the movie.


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  2. they said that the deshign of skyhammer had something to do with bay wich is cool because he wouild most likley be in the film.


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