Monday, March 14, 2011

Five New DOTM Toys Video Reviews

Peaugh has posted five more Transformers: Dark of the Moon toy line video reviews. Below are his reviews of deluxes Jolt (probably not in the movie), Ratchet, Sideswipe and Barricade (still unknown if in movie). Also tossed in Cyberverse Preview Optimus Prime. All four deluxes are new molds, smaller in size to account for the MechTech weapons and keep prices the same. Sideswipe is a convertible complete with seats and to my eyes is one of the best Transformers revealed yet with fantastic looking robot and vehicle modes (no surprise as he was a great toy for ROTF too). If don't like the dull gray, it is almost a guarantee a repaint is coming later. Ratchet just has never interested me but if you like the character and his toys, this one will make a solid addition. Jolt is just ok and probably a future peg warmer. Barricade remains ugly.


  1. good thing kids are easily entertained for the most part. Why is it that this go around with tranformers toys seems to suck?

  2. the color is so childish~


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