Monday, March 07, 2011

Transformers: Prime Deus Ex Machina Promo (Updated)

Via TFW2005's Soundwave9, here is the promo for the next episode of Transformers: Prime, Deus Ex Machina, that will air this coming Friday. After that will be a two week break of new eps for the cartoon series. Update: The Hub has posted the extended commerical along with descrpition of episode 10, "Miko and Bulkhead are heading to Greece to recover an Energon Harvester before Starscream and Breakdown get to it. Who do you think will come out on top?". Embed below swapped out for their version.


  1. Looks cool, i just hope that this time new character *Breakdown* will stay with us for longer, then Skyquake, Wheeljack, and Makeshift.

  2. Looks cheap. Console games have far better CGI than that.
    Why didn't they use the same CGI of PC and Console games like Transformers War For Cybertron? That CGI is way more advanced than Transformers Prime.

  3. "Looks cheap. Console games have far better CGI than that. "

    Video games have bigger budget.

  4. BW didn't have graphic on par with then current games, and nobody complained. Because the story and characters were very good, just like in Prime.


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