Friday, March 04, 2011

Transformers: Prime Preview, Schedule, Soundtrack

This post is a touch late considering the latest episode of Transformers: Prime is airing as I type this. Just in case thinking of hitting the repeats, below is a new commercial for episode nine called "Convoy" that reveals the trailer for Optimus Prime.

As for the next episode airing on March 11th called "Deus Ex Machina" description reveals a new Decepticon arrives, "Miko and Bulkhead go up against Starscream and Breakdown as they go to Greece to retrieve an Energon Harvester." After that, Transformers: Prime is taking a month long break according the schedule on It returns on April 8th with "Speed Metal" followed by "Predatory" (4/15), a week off and then "Sick Mind" (4/29). No details yet on those eps. (via TFW2005)

Last bit of news is Brian Tyler, composer for TF: Prime (and Battle:LA), has posted on his website that his score from Darkness Rising might get released, "Brian's score from the animated mini-series Transformers: Prime will be released soon (date & details TBD)." Even if they don't print CDs for the score, it would be a waste of potential sales or promotion of the series to not at least make the tracks available on iTunes and Amazon for download. (via Seibertron)


  1. Transformers Prime is another awful too childish series with lame plot,characters and pathetic CGI. Beast Wars had way better CGI than this stuff. They should be all fired for producing such an abomination

    1. Only anonymous would dare blaspheme! Forgive my anonymity.

  2. @Anonymous 4:45 AM

    Ignorant much? The show actually has a decent plotline, and the characters' personalities are amazing, unlike most continuities within the Transformers universe. Stop being so ignorant and actually be open to new and different things, because this show really does deserve a chance.

    And, "too childish"? Have you even SEEN the show? They throw character death around like no tomorrow. There's way more drama and violence in this series than previous ones. It's really not bad at all. The humans are annoying as hell, but that's in every TF cartoon.

  3. @ Anonymous 7:25

    First of all, I'm not Anonymous 4:45.

    Than, the plotline has holes as big as the Titanic, personalities are paper thin and the CGI is inferior to the one used 13 years ago.

    But I wanted to comment on the soundtrack news. Well, what soundtrack are they talking about? We are a t episode 9 and there's just ONE track repeated "ad nauseam"...

  4. Luis Cotovio3/05/2011 8:08 AM

    @Anonymous 7:25

    1 - Plot Holes? What TF series isn't as full of plot holes as... well, the side of the afore mentioned Titanic afterhis rendez-vous with that iceberg? It's the story of giant sentient robots from another planet that transform into veihicles. Love it or hate it for what it is.

    2 - The CGI is inferior to the one used 13 years ago? What planet were you living in at that time? I love Beast Wars but a CGI masterpiece it ain't. And compared to this it's crude at best. This might not be the kind of photo-realistic CGI used in the movies but it's very good. If you don't like the design, well that's a different matter.

    3 - Have your ears checked out ASAP. I've been ripping the score from 5.1 files and yes, there are recurring themes, but "one track repeated "ad nauseam" it is not.

    4 - As for it being childish, when i saw that it would have a cast of kids i feared the worst. But i think they've been a lot better than kids on the last few offerings.

    It's your right not to like the show but at least hate it for something more substancial than these claims.

    Peace. :)

  5. Luis Cotovio3/05/2011 8:11 AM

    Oh, the previous comment was adressed to Anonymous 7:31, not Anonymous 7:25. Sorry about that. WHOOPSY :)

  6. I didn't mean the holes in the Titanic, but holes as big as the ship itself. Like no one remembering Skyquake was on Earth and Starscream saying he was literally a legend while he fought against Prime, or why cold should harm a transformer, why staying online is less power consuming than going in stasis lock, the whole story about Dark Energon and those mindless (and useless) zombies is thrown there like no one in production cared about it, ecc.

    I remember in Beast Wars some amazing jungles, in 9 episodes the last one is the only where the landscape isn't a monocolor box, if I need to check my hearing, you go check your eyes.

    A remix of the opening theme is not another track.

    I couldn't care less if it's childish, I liked Animated and that was for children. But a bad show is a bad show, whoever it's addressed to.

  7. @ Anan who said "Transformers Prime is another awful too childish series with lame plot..."

    Transformers prime IS a KIDS SHOW you jack ass...grow the F#@! up...move out of your mothers basement and get a life ! God ppl like that turn my stomach !!
    This stuff is for KIDS and adult collectors and also for Adults who still have a healthy inner child, but are still grounded in REALITY !!! What a knob lol :S

  8. WHO CARES!!!!!!! G1 is the only one that matters. When do we get a full movie trailer, I am sick of waiting. Every other action flick seems to be promoting the heck out of their franchise and we are twiddling our thumbs. I don't believe that robbery happened wouldn't they learn their lesson after the first time?

  9. yyaaaaaaawwwwnnnnn

  10. Is this the Transformers LIVE ACTION movie blog, or did I stumble across the special olympics? Cause a bunch of adults arguing over a kids cartoon makes you all look retarded.

  11. Anon said
    `...Cause a bunch of adults arguing over a kids cartoon makes you all look retarded.`

    Hahhaha your point is funny !! But you do realize that you are now doing the exact same thing !!! BAhahahaa ! Stun Arse :D !!

  12. "Is this the Transformers LIVE ACTION movie blog, or did I stumble across the special olympics? Cause a bunch of adults arguing over a kids cartoon makes you all look retarded."

    Smartasses who are no smarter then people they're bashing. Every blog needs them.

  13. I'd rather be a smart-ass than a dumb-ass.

  14. Anonymous said...

    ``I'd rather be a smart-ass than a dumb-ass.``

    Either`re still an ass!! HA!! :D!!

  15. I gotta say Episode 9 was pretty amazing! New human enemies in the mix known as Mech. We don't know much about them yet. Why were they after the nuclear device? What's their goal? It sounds like world domination (New World Order was mentioned). It's getting interesting!

    Will Mech eventually side with the Decepticons? I imagine so, but I imagine Megatron would turn on them eventually. Just my prediction.

  16. "I'd rather be a smart-ass than a dumb-ass."

    And yet, you continue to argue over people "arguing over a kids cartoon". That's pretty "dumb-ass" reaction if you ask me... smart-ass.

  17. all of your bunch of idiots...

  18. ^^ shhhh adults are reading :D

  19. "all of your bunch of idiots..."

    You're not trying to be smart-ass enough. ;) Try harder, or you will alywas be just a dumb-ass! ;)

  20. Transformers wouldn't be the same without plot holes. In the original G1 series Megatron talks about how he built the Constructicons on Earth and then later in the series Omega Supreme talks about how he knew them on Siebertron. Optimus prime needed to have Vector Sigma give life to the Arial Bots, but the Dinobots needed no such help, though they were not as intelligent but Wheeljack saud he did it that way on purpose. You see there are plot holes in the original, and I could go through all of the different incarnations pointing these things out. These shows were made for kids who watch them for the action not the plot lines. My kids love the the new show, so the target audience seems satisfied.

  21. "all of your bunch of idiots..."

    "lol, Please ask your teacher the difference between "your"... "you're"... and "you are" ...and when you should use them in a sentence, ya dumb kid...!

    ps. C'mon new DOTM trailer :P:P !

  22. Yes, because "ya" dumb kid is proper also, "YA" dumb ass...

    Still...all YOU, YOUR, YOU'RE Muthas! Oh I mean mothers...sorry. LOL..

    Stupid asses...all of you. FAGS...get a life (oops I said Fags, oh no.)

  23. Why isn't this blog moderated to prevent comments like some of these?

    Can we get back to the topic?

    This show is great. I love it...the plot, the characters....I wouldn't change a thing other than add more bots! I think each show gets better.

    I compare it to the Clone Wars...Season 1 was great, but the show keeps getting better. I'm sure in three years there will be drastic improvements that will make TP better also.

  24. I love this show, don't change a thing...

    Can't wait for July 1 too!

  25. G1 Sucks IMHO...Keep transformers in the new generation...big boxy robots went out with the typewriter.

  26. Yup, TF Prime is a great show. Anyone who don't like it does not have to watch it...simple as that:)

    I think it has a great character development, and they have preserved the basic idea of what it is to be an autobot or a decepticon. And some pretty cool story lines along the way. Great show!

  27. I like tf prime a lot I have to say. The only thing that I would have liked them to get rid of is the use of "eye brows" for character expression lol ...and also the "Cylon knock-off" decepticon drones, just get creative instead!! Other than that...its all good :) !

  28. "Stupid asses...all of you. FAGS...get a life"

    Said a guy who waste his life on silly argument. :P Nice work dumb-ass. :D

  29. Transformers Prime show employees on the assault insulting people telling the simple truth that the show sucks and praising their own pathetic sloppy job on the show,uh?

  30. "Show employees"? What's wrong with the show? Not enough Megan Fox and her toe thumbs fer ya?

  31. "P Nice work dumb-ass"

    stop talking about your mother like that dumb-ass...

  32. first of all i'm new here, umm i just wanna know how old are you guys? no offence, just curious. peace!

  33. "stop talking about your mother like that dumb-ass..."

    See, the diference is, i come here because i like to talk about TFs. And you come here because... Yeah, why? Who's a no life here? :)

    Oh and the "stop talkin about your..." stuff... What are you, five, to use arguments like this? xD

  34. Five...naw...he's at least six !! :D !!

  35. FFS - it's a great series, has brought much more pathos to the Transformers characters than Bay's blink-and-you'll-miss-it presentations, and is perpetuating a resurgence in the fandom that's getting new fans into the comics, action figures and other incarnations.


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