Sunday, April 24, 2011

More DOTM Toy Galleries and Reviews

Another "linkfest" for Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys and related merchandise. This edition is heavy on toy images and bios which sadly reveal little about the movie but do have two new video reviews including one for leader class Ironhide. Most of the toys are expected to hit shevles on May 16th.

2000 Pound Bumblebee Cake
Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey created a massive cake for a General Motors display at the Javits Center. The cake will be featured on TLC's "Cake Boss" program on June 20th. The cake has the Bumblebee astride his Camaro alt mode. The 2000 pound creation is made of vanilla pound cake with butter-cream frosting and Rice Krispies treats to "bind the cake at critical flex points." (via AllSpark)

DOTM Mobile Game Coming (5x)
Electronic Arts is working on a mobile game around Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The leaked screenshots (at link) show a game that seems to be part side scroller with a bit of overhead "Spyhunter" type play style. On description says "“While Megatron is hiding after the disgraceful defeat, Decepticons Shockwave, the ruler of Cybertron, is preparing to visit the planet with absolutely no good intentions. The game takes place not only on Earth, but the dynamics Moon, a dark side which holds no less dark secrets." There is no indication on price or release date. Thanks to Sahara for the link.

Shockwave Bio
From the voyager class figure: Few have ever seen Shockwave and lived. This is the hand that ensures Decepticon plans remain secret from the Autobots. He eliminates evidence and witnesses with brutal, emotionless efficiency. The only hints he ever leaves of his presence are smoking craters and the collapsed tunnels through which he travels.

Ultimate Optimus Prime Images (5x)
Another look at the Ultimate version of Optimus Prime that has the trailer that "transforms" into a jet pack that I like to call Butterfly mode. For nostalgic reasons I dig the vehicle mode but undecided on the robot mode. I guess will have to wait for the video reviews to learn more.

Deluxe DOTM Toys in Package with Bios (5x)
Hit the link to view the in package look of deluxes Topspin, Jolt, Starscream, Roadbuster, and Ratchet along with the bio for each.

Deluxe Ratchet, Starscream Galleries (29x)
Speaking of deluxe Starscream and Ratchet, hit the link above to view the remold versions of the toys for the DOTM toy line.

DOTM Dual Model Kit Series Gallery (15x)
Hit the link for a gallery of images if the model kits for Optimus Prime and Bumblebee that is a Japan exclusive so far. The figures do not transform but look like detailed plastic statues. It seems they start with a core robot figure with builders adding on the layers to create the final figure.

Takara-Tomy Official Images (25x)
Hit the link for a gallery of Takara-Tomy's DOTM line-up. The toys appear to be identical to the Hasbro release. Sometimes the company likes to improve Hasbro's design with better paint jobs and the like but that doesn't seem to be the case here. The one exception is Jetwing Optimus Prime (voyager Prime with trailer) which isn't getting a stateside release (at least so far) and apparently a retooled version of Buster Optimus Prime from Revenge of the Fallen.

Leader Class Ironhide
A long review (25min) of this over-sized toy from optibotimus. The figure includes the usual sound and cool weapon gimmicks that have become the norm of the class with a lot of creative touches in hiding them. His vehicle mode looks great despite the robot kibble that is viewable on the underside. The robot mode is solid looking and detailed. Not sure it is something I will pick-up as the leader class tends to be outside my budget. The review's length is due to covering the vehicle to robot transformation, the gimmicks, then articulation and then showing transformation back to vehicle mode. (via Seibertron)

Human Alliance Sandstorm Video Review
Hit the link for the review of the more or less deluxe size figure. The reviewer describes a figure that has four modes of robot, vehicle, targetmaster and weapons platform. The last two modes seem to be a reach but the main modes are not bad. The price, since Human Alliance figures tend to cost more, will probably decide if this is one worth getting.


  1. That optimus prime is awesome

    Includes galleries from upcoming toys including some previously unseen toys including Human Alliance Roadbuster.

  3. I posted only a Seibetron article, because it includes all links straightly.

  4. So much good stuff!!! ;_; I wish I won the lotto or something. Aauuugghhhh~!

  5. when they going to create level 1 or level 2 optimus prime? that can transform into a bot and vehicle mode, or is there any out in the market today? thanks in advance..

  6. Please! Imagine all of you a super optimus prime and that, would change the world of the toys. Looking the same as the movie, I will call all of you professional creators of transformers toys.A level that can be name ultimate and would sell it by 500.00 beats the large one, and 300.00 beats the medium one, and at last, the little one could be selled by 100.00 beats, and all of them with the ultimate transformation. But guys I love your cretions, but you have to let it go your imaginations and do the same as the movie. I´m just givin all of you an idea. :)


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