Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Many DOTM Toys Galleries and Reviews

T-minus five six days and counting for the official release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon toy line on May 15th 16th. At least in the United States. I am unclear if this date is worldwide but assuming so. I got way behind on the various DOTM galleries but consider this a quick way to catch up and more importantly check out some of the various size molds and exclusives that are in the pipeline. At this point the issue is more of which version or versions to get as it seems most of the key characters have around 3 or more sizes, repaints, or exclusives coming. In addition, below are more video reviews because that also helps in working on that DOTM wish list. Oops got the date confused.

DOTM Galleries Part 1
Kre-0 | Human Alliance Roadbuster & Tailpipe | Deluxe Prime | HA Bee and Skids (repaints) | Exclusive Figures | Deluxe Arcee and Air Raid (repaints) | Scan Series I | Scan Series II
This first set provides another look at the Kre-O (Lego knockoff) line, more Human Alliance figures, and a summary of many of the exclusive figures that may hit toy shelves soon. Of this group probably the one most worth checking out is the Scan Series images which are Toys R Us exclusives and give the deluxe class of DOTM toys a pretty unique look. TRU tends to charge more for their exclusives but just might be worth it for some of the figures.

DOTM Instructions
Hit the link to view scans of the instructions for 37 Dark of the Moon toys. Most were posted on Hasbro's site but since pulled so a nifty way to decide if those Transformers you might be on the fence about might be worth getting just cause of the engineering involved. (via Seibertron)

DOTM Promotional Posters (2x)
Not sure if these are legit posters for retail or fan creations but still pretty cool.

DOTM Galleries Part 2
Powerglide | Cyberverse Sentinel Prime | Cyberverse | Sideswipe & Ironhide | Thundercracker | Voyager Sentinel Prime & Others | Ark set with Roller | Deluxe Ratchet (repaint)
Even more galleries. In this batch, most are known toys but a few new additions with Sentinel Prime getting more than just a leader class release. Turns out a voyager and cyberverse classes are also coming.

Human Alliance Video Reviews
Backfire | Icepick | Thunderhead
If you are a fan of the HA line then hit up the reviews to preview which ones might be worth getting. The current crop doesn't do anything for me which is not helped by the forced weapon mode but still game for the potential of the line.

Leader Ironhide Review
Peaugh's take on this huge figure. Pretty solid toy all around but then Ironhide has consistently been one of the best toys of the Transformers movie. On a related note, Peaugh also posted a video on how to remove Ironhide's mask.

Deluxe Wal-Mart Optimus Prime Video Review
Peaugh's review at the Wal-Mart exclusive version of deluxe Optimus Prime. This one seems to have a unique transformation gimmick that separates it from other deluxes. Not entirely clear if this is the only deluxe version of Prime that will be available or just another version of him.

Deluxe Wal-Mart Sideswipe Video Review
Another review of a Wal-Mart exclusive, this time by Optibotimus. It is a repaint of DOTM Sideswipe but with Nascar type paint scheme which is full of homages to various past animated versions of Sideswipe (as video explains). I do believe if I decide I need another Sideswipe, this just might be the one I get.


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  2. check out new transformers toy instructions photos on FB

  3. Is this right? are they actually getting released on May 15th? That's Sunday. I know a lot of stores don't typically put out new product until Tuesday

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transformers:_Dark_of_the_Moon_%28toy_line%29

    The official launch date of the toy line is May 16, 2011.

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  7. I'm unsure if it is the 15th or 16th. Wiki says the 16th however I called Toys R US and they said the 15th as well.

  8. TFW2005 has posted run time of the movie is over 2 hours long according to Nelson of MichaelBay.com

  9. I call SHENANIGANS! I say the twins are in the movie.

  10. I read somewhere that they were initially in the movie but were removed

  11. Toys were released today being the 13th in New Zealand... and they look sweet
    Leader class Bumblebee and Sentinel Prime


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