Saturday, June 04, 2011

Botcon 2011 Day 1 & 2 Linkfest

The official Transformers Convention, called Botcon, is going on this weekend at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California from June 2nd to June 5th. The convention is similar to a comic book one only it is about all things Transformers with dealer rooms, panels and more. Expected panels include most of the voice cast from Transformers: Prime, Hasbro introducing their TF: Prime toys and upcoming plans and Michael Bay accepting his entry into the Transformers Hall of Fame. I wouldn't even be surprised if he shows up with exclusive clips that sadly the rest of may not get to see.

Sadly I could not afford to go but luckily other Transformers sites could and they have posted lots of pictures and videos from the first two days. Below are those that grabbed my attention especially Kre-O which is bigger and better than expected. In addition get a first look at the Transformers: Prime toys, info on the upcoming TF MMORPG, lots of galleries, look at the Hall of Fame displays, and lot more. If you see a link, probably worth clicking it.

Kre-O Transformers Gallery
Hasbro's new answer to Lego. If the large gallery at the link is any indication, the result could be pretty awesome. My favorite aspect is the TF version of the Lego mini-figs, especially the Botcon exclusive Optimus Prime. Taking a page from Lego, human size creations have also been built for display purposes. Based on the images the release date for the line is July-August 2011 and will not just be based on DOTM but also Generation One.

Dealer Room Gallery
At the link is pics of all the displays set in the dealer room including a look at upcoming Kre-O toys, DOTM toys, movie displays, props and many of the real Transformers vehicles including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, and Ironhide.

Real Transformers Cars
Hit this link if only interested in looking at the vehicles.

DOTM Toys Display Cases
Hit the link for all the DOTM toys that were on display. Suffice it to say, Hasbro has a lot of toys in the pipeline.

G1 Ratchet Car
Speaking of cars, hit the link to view a fan re-creation of the vehicle mode of Generation One Ratchet along with a fan's movie Bumblebee.

Toys R Us Exclusive Rodimus Prime Toy
A close look at the new Masterpiece figure being released stateside. The figure will not have its trailer but will come with Targetmaster Offshoot. While the import cost of the Japanese version was a wallet breaking $250, this one will only set you back $50 when it is released in July. I have the Japan MP version and despite busting the budget was worth it to me. This is a cheaper alternative so probably something to keep an eye out for (still annoyed didn't pickup TRU MP Grimlock when had the chance). I hope the Masterpiece line continues with new (not just repaints) for a very long time.

Transformers: Prime Toys
As rumored, Transformers: Prime is getting a toy line. Even better the wait isn't long as the "First Edition" wave of Bumblebee, Starscream, and Arcee will be released sometime in July. Not sure if more will follow, I guess sales will determine that.

Custom Transformers Gallery
Lots of pictures of Transfans showing their creation and painting skills.

Transformers Fan Art - This is paintings, sketches and the like inspired by Transformers.

Transformers: Hall of Fame Gallery
A look at the displays and plagues for the Transformers and humans that were inducted in the 1st ceremony last year and will be inducted tonight in the 2nd.

Botcon Exclusives
Below is a video and above is a link to a gallery of all the Botcon exclusives that were released. A plus of going to the convention is can get a lot of exclusive repaints that Hasbro produces just for Botcon. In most cases they re-use the molds from previous lines with this being no exception with Transformers: Animated being the base for most of them. The exclusives include releasing animated versions of the Stunticons, repainted Ratchet and a whole lot more. I think the count of exclusives is around a dozen this year and probably set you back nearly a grand or more if can collect them all.

Transformers Universe MMO Game Video Preview
A look at the MMORPG that is coming sometime next year. The game is expected to be released worldwide at some point. The plan is to allow players to create their own unique Transformer to play with. The game is set in the Transformers "Prime" universe of War for Cybertron with Prowl and Barricade designs indicating a heavy design influence coming from that game.

Grimlock vs. Devastator Video
What is convention without costumes?


  1. How about holding botcon in other places besides california?? They had one in chicago a few years ago...

  2. That's bull! Don't act like you're the only one who could afford to go! Others can't either! And the fact that you posted letting everyone know your business, you know you CAN afford to go. You're just making an excuse because you DON'T WANT to go! If you really couldn't afford to go, you would keep it to yourself and family. You wouldn't just blurt it out! Get a life!


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