Monday, June 06, 2011

Botcon 2011 Final Day Linkfest (Updated)

Today was the last day for Botcon 2011. As is often the case for conventions, not a whole lot of "new" left to report but below are links to reports from remaining panels, video and more galleries.

Update: Two new posts of interest. If interested in watching the IDW panel, Allspark has it posted here. If want to watch even more videos, Seibertron has posted 21 videos that cover all of Botcon from registration to all the toys displays and exclusives. Those can be found here.

Rage Over Cybertron 3-Pack
The new toy set was revealed that is three TFs from War for Cybertron line put sporting a new deco. If missed these Generations toys last year, this will be another chance to pick them up.

Hasbro Brand Panel
Hasbro panel that covers Transformers non-toy plans. Exiles, the sequel to novel Exodus, focuses on Optimus, involves rediscovery of lost TF colonies, more background on The 13, and introduce a new threat to the single continuity Hasbro is attempting to build. Mentioned Transformers: The Ride will be in 3D, based on the movies and one sequence will have riders go into Devastator's jaws. Hit the link for more.

DOTM Merchandise
Gallery of images from the other Dark of the Moon toys that are not part of the main line.

Transformers: Prime Panel
Hit the link for specifics but here are a few highlights from the panel. It seems like the plan is 52 episodes total with back 26 being part of a larger story. Cliffjumper is dead but will "return" in backstory flashbacks. Wheeljack and some new Decepticons will appears in Season 2 as will some info on Bumblebee's voice problems.

Making of Transformers: Prime Display
A look at the display that was put up that gives an overview of conception to final render for the various Transformers created for the cartoon series. Long video that is a behind the scenes peak at the art work, sketches and so forth.

Bunch of Botcon Videos
Hit the link to go to where they posted links to all their videos from the convention. They include a look at the Transformers Prime process booth, MMO game concept art, Transformers toy displays, Kre-O display and more. Below is their video of someone's movie Starscream costume.


  1. Yeah I got to go to botcon it was AWSOME! I got Nitro Bumblebee, Mudflap, Skids, Ironhide, Topspin, and Starscream. IT WAS AWWWWWSOME! WOOOHOOOOO, CANT WAIT FOR BOTCON 2012.....oh wait thats the end of the world AWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  2. Lord high mucky muck6/06/2011 12:07 PM

    I wish they would hold it somewhere other than california!!!

  3. It was in Orlando last year. It moves around every year.


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