Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bumblebee Juggling Sam Dark of the Moon TV Spot

A new TV spot aired during ABC's Wipeout that includes an extended sequence that shows Bumblebee catching Sam in the air and transforming back to car mode without missing a beat. Should look outstanding on screen. I would have done a TV spot that was just a slowed down version of just that one sequence. (via Seibertron)

TV Spot #19


  1. the days are just not moving fast enough! damnit!!

  2. No Sentinal Prime... WTF?!
    its like they're keeping him a secret or something...

  3. now they're just trying to give everything away.

  4. Feris Othman6/23/2011 11:24 PM

    Everything is in it! Even Shia's trademark scream! Awesome.

  5. They could give everything away and I would still go see it. I believe Michael Bay made this movie for the theater experience and I am definitely in.

  6. Got My Tickets in Digital 3D for first Wednesday show in M'sia... :grinning ear 2 ear:

  7. ^^ call me...

  8. Feris Othman6/24/2011 2:19 AM

    ^^^ I already got my ticket too. 1230am 3D Tickets Centre Column, highest Row B GSC Midnight 28th June early 29th June here in Malaysia.

  9. TF3 probably has had more separate (though obviously similar) ads than any other movie ever. Between trailers, TV spots, quasi-trailers (like the linkin' park ones), and semi-TV spots (like the Chevy ad and the Mark Cuban ad), they have put out at least thirty visual ads for this movie.

  10. I hate 3D. So i bought the earliest non-3D showing on Wednesday morning, 11.30am in Malaysia


    1 you only think so because you mostly follow transformers and not other movies

    2 revenge of the fallen had twice as many tv spots

  12. So the fight scenes are

    CYBERTRON battle
    IRAN nuclear station (Dino, Sideswipe, Que, BB)
    RUSSIA (Ratchet, Optimus) (Shockwave, Driller)
    HIGHWAY (Dino, Sideswipe, BB, Ironhide, Wreckers) (DREADS)


  13. I HAVE WATCHED THE MOVIE!!! FUCK YEAH!..was at the russia premiere..


    Ironhide will be killed. Along with mirage. Dylan is a traitor to the human race. His family has been helping the US gov cover up everything since d moon landing. Megatron is persuaded by Carly to destroy Sentinel Prime and Megatron along with Optimus join forces and battle Sentinel Prime.

    Starscream will be killed as well by sam...alot more man..but i guess enough for

  14. people here are always complaining why there's so many TV spots which is a spoilers and some complaining about not seeing sentinel prime in one of those TV spots which is a major major spoiler??!!...

    get this,in ROTF, did MB made a TV spot where the forest fight(which is for me the best fight scene in ROTF)shown? did MB made a TV spot where prime and jetfire combines?..

    c'mon guys, there maybe too many TV spots that are shown but it doesn't mean all the coolest thing in this movie are shown on those TV spots..

  15. Martinus Prime6/24/2011 7:31 AM

    I got my ticket reservations for early tuesday evening 28th of June here in The Netherlands!

    So you know, it's not only the Americans who get to watch it first.

  16. That was a new TV spot in the beginning. Then they just showed an old TV spot.

    But anyways, that was fuckin' awesome.
    BumbleBee and Mirage/DIno are fightimg the dreads n the hihgway.

  17. Why do they have so many TV spots. They don't even show half of them on TV.

    The new scenes with the wingsuits and BumbleBee are incredible.

  18. Don't forget the DC fight scene which we haven't seen much of at all other than the small space bridge clip

  19. New poster with Sentinel


    1 you only think so because you mostly follow transformers and not other movies

    2 revenge of the fallen had twice as many tv spots"

    Alright, I'm calling your bluff, post the YouTube links to the 30+ adds that *any* other movie has ever put out and the links to the 60+ ads that you claim TF2 had.

  21. Ijust love how the narrator talks as afast as he can.

    a dog...

  22. Transformers Dark OF THE MOON REVIEWS

    Scott Mantz – Access Hollywood
    “The best 3D since Avatar.”

    Mike Wilber – NBC
    "The best Transformers ever!"
    "Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the summer movie to beat!"

    Teddy Wilson – Host, InnerSPACE
    “Blockbusters don’t get any bigger than this!

    Danielle McGimsie – Etalk CTV
    “Transformers: Dark of the Moon defies gravity.”

    Bill Zwecker – FOX-TV or FOX Chicago News or (FOX-TV Chicago)
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    Kevin McCarthy – FOX-TV Washington DC or CBS Radio
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    Nancy Jay – Daybreak USA (Syndicated Radio)
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    Kim Holcomb – KING-TV NBC Seattle
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    Shireen Sandoval – FOX News, Miami
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    “They’ve reinvigorated the franchise.”
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    Las Vegas/26
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    RATING: "* * * *"

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  23. Now I'm no hater (I really enjoy all of the TF movies and have been a big fan since G1 aired), but all of those reviews are just shill reviews that studios basically "buy" by granting early access to a film. I mean, an Access Hollywood review?! What's next, a review from that that bastion of impartial non-shilling, which is totally not owned by the same studio that is releasing TF3, known as Entertainment Tonight? :)

  24. ohhh^ :D oh hell yea, wheres megan fox freak now, hes been proven WRONG

  25. That might be the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

  26. Anonymous @7:07 AM, are the names Mirage and Wheeljack used in the movie and not Dino and Que??

  27. I Love when Sam scream in every movie he makes!!!

  28. LOL at Sam's scream. That's always funny. There's going to be a free sneak peak at the base theater where I live at 7pm on the 28th, but I can't see it! I was at the same theater for the sneak peak of Thor and got one of the last tickets and that was WITH me being there very early, so I completely expect Transformers 3 will be sold out because I get off of work after the doors open. Even if I didn't change and went in my uniform, I still wouldn't be able to get in early. I already have my ticket for the midnight showing, but I was hoping to see the evening one since I have work and pt the next day. I guess I'll be chugging energy drinks all of next day. And why can't I log into my account? I can only post as annonymous.


    new TV Spot with the dreads and SIDESWIPE !

  30. Oh wait, never mind. I forgot the 9pm showing in 3D. So now I can get some sleep, if I skip the midnight showing. Perhaps I'll sell my midnight ticket to a friend...


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