Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dark of the Moon Linkfest

It has been a while since a link fest due to a lot of Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie specific news. This is a catch up of the toy and video game information with more coming from Botcon. Of note is a look at Leadfoot with maybe alt mode of Brains, a video review of Optimus Prime with trailer, Warpath concept art, galleries and more.

First Look at Wrecker Leadfoot
At this point I can't keep track of all the toys but I do believe this is the first time we have seen a toy for the red Wrecker Leadfoot. Of note is this is a Human Alliance figure with an interesting "human" which apparently is a Transformer dog. Could this be the alt mode of Brains, new BFF for Wheelie?

DOTM The Game Concept Art
Activision has released three concept images related to Transformers: Dark of the Moon the game. My fav of the group is the sweet looking art of Warpath that makes him truly up for kicking some Decepticon rear.

Akshay Kumar to Voice Optimus Prime
If you are a Transformers fan from India or follow Bollywood, then this news pleases you. Otherwise you probably don't care. Kumar was personally chosen by Michael Bay indicating how important that region is for box office sales internationally. Kumar seems to be the Indian equivalent of pre-cult crazy Tom Cruise or Jackie Chan at the height of his popularity. Depending on region, Transformers: Dark of the Moon will either get sub-titles or new voices for the characters. This became obvious with the Cannes trailer. Thanks to Sahara for the link.

DOTM Toy Galleries - Wave 3 | Human Alliance | Kre-O Packaging | Kre-O Transformers | Model Kits
Hit the links for various galleries of soon to hit shelves Dark of the Moon toys.

DOTM The Game PS3 and XBox 360 Achievements
The DOTM game is just a few weeks away from release and now you can start planning how you might collect all the trophies. The list at the link is specific to the XBox 360 but typically the PS3 trophies are the same with maybe minor "exclusives" for each platform. (via TFormers)

Transformers: DOTM Mobile Game
Speaking of gaming, EA Mobile is releasing an iOS (iPad/iPhone) game in time for Dark of the Moon's release. No details on price but the game lets you play as Optimus Prime or Bumblebee through 14 levels.

Voyager Optimus Prime with Trailer
Below is Peaugh's review of the DOTM version of Optimus Prime with his trailer. Currently it is a Japan exclusive but hopefully it will be released elsewhere eventually.

Transformers Cyberverse Commercial
A TV spot for the tiny side of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon toys.


  1. I believe the dog with Leadfoot is named Steel Jaw or something like that and is his pet.

  2. the dog's name is lockjaw. On the hasbro site,it says he like the Wreckers's pet.

  3. ^^^ it's actually steeljaw, a homage to G1 blaster's cassette

  4. Does anyone know when does Leadfoot and Steel Jaw come to the stores?


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