Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dark of the Moon Linkfest

Transformers: Dark of the Moon is now less than a week away from release. Thursday will mark the world premiere in Moscow even it seems Michael Bay and company already really premiered it in Rio de Janeiro and other places, but just didn't throw a party for it like they are in Moscow. In case this is another chance to get caught up on Dark of the Moon related stuff.

Takara Heat Scramble Booster Pack Art
Heat Scramble is apparently a collectible card game that Takara makes for the Japan market. For our purposes it is mostly just a great way to look at unique artwork inspired by all three Transformers movies.

Diecast Transformers Vehicles Coming
Full Metal Hero is reporting that Tomica (part of Takara-Tomy) is planning to release a die cast vehicle line around the movie version of Transformers. Think of them as (probably) higher quality matchbox cars. This is for the Japan market only.

DOTM & Generation One Chronicles Gift sets
The Tokyo Toy Show was held and with it were finally a few more details on the Chronicles gift sets that Takara is planning. The idea behind the sets are pretty cool as they package the Generation One Megatron and Optimus Prime with their current DOTM counterpart to kind of represent the changes over the last 25 years. Sadly the G1 toys will not come with most of their accessories as Megaton’s scopes, etc is being jettisoned as is Prime's trailer. This is likely to keep the costs down. Since G1 Megatron converts into a gun, that particular box set will probably not get a stateside release. More pics and details at the link above and also here.

Burger King's DOTM Club BK Toys
It you were wondering when the usual fast food chain tie in toys would be revealed, wonder no more. Burger King has posted the details of their Dark of the Moon promotion on their Club BK website. The toys are big headed, non-transforming toys that each have a gimmick based on what you do when you push a button. The characters represented are Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Starscream, Ironhide, Shockwave, Soundwave, and Ratchet.

DOTM Media Promotion Package
Hasbro has provided various online media outlets with their yearly box of free toys from their DOTM toy line. The box packing is made to look like Prime's trailer and comes with Leader Sentinel Prime, Optimus Cine-Mask, and bunch of other stuff.

Windows 7 Transformers 3 Theme
Microsoft has released an official theme for Windows 7. It really isn't anything special, just a bunch of wallpaper images based on various DOTM banners and character images.

Toyko Toy Show Gallery
Speaking of the toy show, hit the link to look at Takara's display and galleries of upcoming toys. Other than Takara's plans to re-release older molds (Classics, G1 Devastator), most of it is nothing new. Below is a video of the Takara booth.

Kre-O G1 Video Reviews
Hit the link for video reviews of the Kre-O sets for Mirage, Jazz, Prowl, and Ratchet. I recently bought Mirage and Jazz and overall pleased with the sets. I dig the Kreons and the creative building pieces that were created specifically for this line that do not exist for Lego but which could open up the possibilities for creative Lego builders. The price is a bit of a problem to me but if you are already someone that gets the occasional Lego set, than these are probably worth checking out.

Ultimate Optimus Prime Demo Videos
The most expensive toy ($90) of the Dark of the Moon toy line has been leaking onto toy shelves here and there. Below is a two part video that shows off how this Ultimate class toy transforms. Is really isn't a video review but more of a demonstration of the features of the toy and how it transformers. It can be a useful way to determine worth putting out the big bucks if happen to find one. From what I am seeing it isn't worth the price. I am not even sure I would buy it if found at half price.

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