Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shia: Bay a "Big Brother" With Arguments

In a profile piece on Shia LaBeouf from Hero Complex, Shia LaBeouf provided a story from the set of Transformers: Dark of the Moon that led to Michael Bay posting a comment on it in the Shoot for the Edit forums. The story took place at Kennedy Space Center last October. Apparently the two were arguing over what song to play to help Shia get in the right emotional frame of mind for a scene. Shia wanted Feist’s “Brandy Alexander" while Bay wanted a track from The Dark Knight score.
“I take him aside, I’m like, ‘Mike, this is the most important moment in the movie for me. The crux of my whole character, my whole arc. That doesn’t work for me, dude.’ … Now it’s two dudes ready to kill each other. … Spit’s flying.” According to LaBeouf, Bay left the set with the NASA/military entourage, and his director of photography finished shooting the sequence without him.

After working on three “Transformers” movies together, the 25-year-old actor says, Bay is “sort of my big brother. …We’re both very game, very passionate people. Sometimes it’s not actor-director. Sometimes it’s two dudes yelling over explosions. Sometimes it doesn’t sound like the friendliest conversation. But we love each other.”
In response to this, Bay posted:
I read so many of these articles Shia speaks in, and the quotes are so wonderfully untrue. He is an actor that makes his own reality and that's what I love about him. To think for a second I would leave my own set to have someone shoot and finish the scene would never - ever happen. He is special, and a very talented actor. It has been an amazing five years together. I'm kind of sad to leave the franchise.

Bay took exception to the idea he might walk off a "live" set and wanted to clarify things. I get the impression that Bay really doesn’t give two craps what people say about him until they make comments that make him seem unprofessional. Walking off a set is something you hear actors most commonly do but not directors. At this point with all the odd drama he has had to deal with between fans and his own actors he is probably glad to take a step back and do something else. It should be interesting to see what he does to follow up Transformers and can't wait to learn what Hasbro and Paramount plan for Transformers next.


  1. So why didn't Michael Bay fire Shia LaBeouf as well given the simple fact that Shia goes around telling lies about him?

  2. Coming of a critical and financial success will ensure that Paramount moves quickly, especially considering they've just lost what little percentage of money they get from marvel to disney.

    Hopefully they don't give the franchise to someone like Rob Cohen or Zemeckis but someone young and hungery. But, no one will pass up the chance to have the career boost this will give them.

    As for bay and shia, I think it's pretty much impossible for a bay type to walk away from his own set, let alone let someone else shoot an important scene. There was probably some kinda mix up, or shia is too far removed at this point to remember clearly. It's a funny story though. I love that song.

  3. Shia and M.bay are like Brothers and in all movie set in Worlds, there's fight with movie teams !!!! as said Bay, Shia is a amazing actor !!!

  4. @King Marvin Mugabi: Hasbro is going to re-negotiate franchise movie rights. It's not up to Paramount management to decide anything. Hasbro owns franchise and rights in the first place. They might decide to switch over another studios.

  5. I'm certainly not a bay hater and I do like some of his movies and I thought the 1st movie was good and had some great moments, the 2nd movie had some good seens but was all over the place in terms of story and plot and I do believe that bay works his ass off and I do believe this movie is going to be awsome. But the real question is compaired to who? I just don't believe that bay is the be all end all of the transformers. He was picked to direct transformers, so it will be very intresting to see who will man the ship next and how good bays new movies will do now that he's leaving the franchise because I believe that its always going to be about transformers 1st and director 2nd because the transformer universe is bigger than any 1 director, but I do believe that bay is going to go out in style and leave the franchise alot stronger than it was, so I will always respect him for that. So Mr.Bay...LIVE LONG AND PROSPER


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