Sunday, June 12, 2011

Transformers Linkfest

Another catch-up news, reviews, and galleries on Transformers that doesn't involve the soon to be released movie. The info includes more hints on Transformers: The Ride, a new novel series, a comics related interview, amusing videos and reviews of most of the Botcon exclusive toys.

Transformers: The Ride Concept Art
Beyond the plans, there has been very little revealed about the attraction that is being built at Universal Studios Hollywood and Singapore. Some new artwork, four images total, have been released that hints at a tiny bit of what the attraction may contain including a look at an Autobot cavern, the line area for customers, control room and All Spark containment area.

New Transformers: Classified Novel Series
A leak on Amazon Japan indicates that a new young adult novel series is in the works called Transformers: Classified. The first novel, called "Switching Gears", written by Ryder Windham is scheduled to be released on October 21, 2011. The description provides few details, "An original Transformers novel series! Secrets are uncovered in the Nevada desert when a boy witnesses two Transformers arrive on Earth." There is no indication which TF universe this takes place in by considering Hasbro is at least trying to create a single one, I assume it is the War for Cybertron one.

iGear PP05 Ironhide and Ratchet Sneak Peak
Hit the link for a gallery of close-up images of the non-Hasbro Transformers from iGear that once complete just might be the most Generation One cartoon accurate versions of Ratchet and Ironhide.

Simon Furman Interview Part 2
AllSpark has posted the second part (part 1) of their interview with Simon Furman as he discusses his desire to continue the Marvel Transformers comics. Among the ideas Furman would like to explore would be Optimus Prime's leadership ability being compromised as he deals with his return from the grave and exploring many of the story threads that remained from the initial 80 issue run. IDW has expressed interest but said that it is dead for now but they would revisit it if the petition reaches 10000 signatures. Right now it’s around 2500 after about two months so at this point it doesn't look good.

G1 Optimus Prime and Starscream Costumes Video
For a Nokia event in Hong Kong that involved a little Dark of the Moon promotion, Optimus Prime and Starscream were available in some detailed costumes that "transformed" into their vehicle modes.

TFcon 2011 Promotional Video
Below is an amusing commercial for the Transformers Canada convention being held from July 30th and 31st. Of note is the use of original cartoon voices of David Kaye, Garry Chalk, and Daniel Ross as various Transformers participate at the convention.

Botcon Exclusives Video Reviews
Peaugh has posted reviews of most of the exclusive toys that were available at Botcon 2011. If like me you couldn't go, at least can learn what was available and worth it to you to track down and buy (just be aware they don't come cheap). Out of cost and other reasons, while the toys are Hasbro sanctioned, all are repaints using existing (mostly Animated) molds.
Fisitron | Autotrooper | Minerva | Sideswipe | Toxitron | Galvatron | Thundercracker | Breakdown | Dead End | Drag Strip | Wildrider | Motormaster | Cheetor

Kabaya Candy Kit God Ginrai and Starscream Video Reviews
I have no clue what these are or where they come from but found it to be an interesting mini version of Powermaster Optimus Prime that Peaugh as reviewed.


  1. New TV SPOT!

    Optimus saying he told the human leaders who they could trust but he was wrong. Sam saying some humans are working for the 'Cons. Shot of two Dreads in a four-legged mode running down a freeway hitting away cars.

  2. I Love the Transformer movies. But not as much as my wife does. She simply cant waite for the new one to come out. Hopfully there will be another. I guess we should waite and see how this latest one does.


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