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Transformers Linkfest

Yep, another link fest already but this one is for the non-Dark of the Moon news. News bits include a return to Botcon with a G4 report and Transformers: Prime panels. Also cover two custom figures, the new Masterpiece toy, 3rd party toys, Vince DiCola interview, two Transformers customs and reviews of the new Seeker Masterpiece toys. Bonus: Added one technically DOTM related item with Peaugh's review of the $150 Oakley Transformers 3D glasses.

Dark of the Moon Ultra Magnus Custom
During production of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the character of Sentinel Prime was referred to by his placeholder name of Ultra Magnus. Customizer autobotx23 decided to make the toy version of that character by taking the leader class Sentinel Prime toy and performing his magic. At the link is a gallery of images and notes on the custom Transformer. Maybe one day this level of paint detail will be available at the retail level.

Botcon Transformers: Prime Panel and Video Interview
I glossed over it when I was reporting on Botcon but TFormers has posted a detailed summary of the Transformers: Prime panel (1st link). The discussion went from the development of the show, to how the G1 legacy informs what they do, toys, characters and more. They also posted a 35 minute interview with Transformers: Prime Executive Producer Jeff Kline (2nd link) in a separate panel as he discusses the characters and plans for the series as they gear up for season 2 (article here).

Masterpiece Prime 2.0 Videos and Gallery
At the International Tokyo Toy Show, Masterpiece Convoy (Optimus Prime) 2.0 was revealed, showing off a more authentic G1 look. The figure looks awesome, is very expensive ($250) and seems to be a size that falls within the Leader class size (so smaller than the typical MP toy). I love the Masterpiece line so looking forward to this one. Hit the link above to see the four videos on the Masterpiece presentation. Hit the other link for an official gallery of images. A better look at the transformation sequence is here.

Encore 20 Devastator Box Set G1 Re-Issue
Takara has announced that they are re-releasing the six Constructicons in a single box set with their Generation One molds and colors on November 19, 2011 (oddly exact date for Takara). The final package is unknown but will let you own the original Devastator without those G1 prices. I have no idea if Hasbro will release their version of this set. They have been hit and miss on which Encore TFs they release and when they do it is typically as Toys R Us exclusives. The estimated cost from the main import TF toys stores I use is in the $120 range. On a somewhat related note, two other Encore releases will be a Twincast (G1 Blasetr repaint) and Soundblaster (G1 Soundwave repaint).

Hercules Exgraver Gallery
Speaking of Devastator, the third party market has decided it was time for an update on the classic figure. To avoid copyright TFC toys is calling the combined mode "Exgraver" (I think) with the first figure called "Hercules" (aka Scavenger). I am not entirely sure but I think these figures are going to be around deluxe class sized so the combined toy should be huge. So is the cost which Hercules import cost hitting $100 when released in July 2011. With five more in the pipe-line, this is going to be one expensive combiner.

MakeToy Devastator
I know what you are thinking. We don't just need an official re-issue of Devastator and a 3rd party re-creation. What we really need a combo of the two. A faithful, more detailed 3rd party re-creation of G1 Devastator. It seems that Maketoy (part of FansProject) hears that need as they posted a black and white sketch that seems to be one of their next projects. No other details are available.

Vince DiCola Interview
If the name isn't familiar you might be familiar with his music, at least if you have watched Transformers: The Movie or Rocky IV. He created the now classic score for the 1986 cartoon, probably the fan favorite being The Death of Optimus Prime track. In the interview at the link he looks back on the now 25 year old work and the influence that it and the Transfandom has had on his career. He also revealed that Sony Music is considering releasing Transformers: The Movie The Score which might have most or all of the 70 minutes of music that was used in the film.

Alternity Returns
The successor the Alternators/Binaltech line just might continue but sadly not as new molds. Instead previous releases will get new paint jobs. Confirmed info says that the Nissan Fairlady (Megatron) will be repainted into Galvatron, Suzuki Swift (Bumblebee) for Goldbug, Nissan GT-R (Optimus Prime) into Dai Atlas and Mitsuoka Orochi (Starscream) into Banzaitron. I assume this might include tweaks to head mold and weapons but too soon to know for sure.

War for Cybertron Optimus Prime Custom
Another customized figure, this one by Mykltron repaints the W4C Prime toy so it matches how Prime looked in the video game complete with his battle axe. Hit the link for more images and details on its creation.

Transformers: Headmasters DVD Press Release
Shout! Factory has officially announced the 4-DVD set addition to their Japanese Collection of Transformers cartoons. Headmasters is more or less season four of Transformers: Generation One as the cartoon series continued over there. If this sounds familiar it is because the company already announced a 13-DVD box set of Headmasters, Super-God Masterforce and Victory (again think season 4-6). All of which is subtitled in English. The main difference is the one season set is for retail sale (around $21-$30) while their combined box set of three seasons is exclusive to their store (for $90).

G4's Botcon 2011 Coverage
Here is Attack of the Show's segment on Botcon. It is a decent enough summary of the weekend with a nice look at some of the costumes people were wearing at the show.

Fan's Choice Compilation
Previously I had posted the Transformers: Hall of Fame inductee videos that were created by Hasbro. One was missing, which was for the Fan's Choice Inductee video which acted as a rundown of the four candidates - Jazz, Shockwave, Grimlock and eventual winner Waspinator. It seems the next generation of Transformers fan hold Beast Wars as their favorite TF series as this is the second time a character from that show beat out the classic G1 characters. Dinobot won last year. I remember being on UseNet’s at the time and the outrage over Beast Wars would have never made you think it would become a beloved classic. It earned that loyalty over the three years of excellent storytelling and character development that no other Transformers series has yet to match.

iGear's Five Seekers Video Reviews - Ramjet | Dirge | Thrust | Sunstorm | Current
Third party TF creator iGear plans on releasing five seekers based on the Masterpiece Starscream mold but with a small but important improvement to the wings that Takara might want to copy if they decide to reuse their mold yet again. Since none of the toys are officially sanctioned, they are not allowed to user their copyrights Transformers names but this does mark the first time the "conehead" seekers get the MP treatment. The reviews are for Thrust, Dirge, Ramjet, Sunstorm, and undetermined fifth one. Pretty much if you like Masterpiece Starscream, you will probably like these. The real question is deciding if worth putting up around $130 for each of them.

Oakley Limited Edition Transformers 3D Glasses Video Review


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