Friday, June 03, 2011

USA Today Article on Shockwave

It seems we know have an explanation on why Linkin Park's Iridescent music video was pulled. USA Today has posted an article that "reveals" the villain of Transformers: Dark of the Moon as Shockwave. While this is common knowledge to most Transformers fan, keep in mind it isn't to the average movie goer, press, or reader of USA Today. The key thing of note is the posted image is identical to the segment that LP used in their music video. I suspect that USA Today was given the "exclusive" on Shockwave and the posting of the video violated that promise from Paramount forcing it to be pulled down until this article went life and had time to circulate. As far as the article goes, one paragraph below could be a spoiler. Thanks to Brendan for the link.


"He's always been a mean, mean guy, but he's even more menacing and more dangerous," says producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. "He's bigger, badder, with a greater arsenal."

"It's crazy spectacular," Di Bonaventura says. "Shockwave is just a ball of destruction, pulling whole skyscrapers down. He's a messy guy to have in our world."

"It's a huge escalation in the amount of damage that one Decepticon can wreak," he adds. "He's capable of wholesale destruction…that' really bad for humans."

Shockwave has been given "a facelift" to add to his menace. But more impressive is his new skill which the world saw briefly in the Super Bowl trailer for Transformers -- Shockwave is capable of morphing into a snake-like exoskeleton that rips down buildings like butter.

Shockwave is working with Megatron, the leader of the evil Decepticons, on a plan that will not bode well for humanity. But, even working together, there is tension between the two bad boys.

"Decepticons have a united plan, but as usual they don't get along," Di Bonaventura says. "The inter-distrust between the villains is even stronger than before."
Update: Added larger version of the Shockwave picture.


  1. There's one other part in the article that may be a MAJOR SPOILER to anyone who reads the whole thing, so be warned.

    Perhaps they've just misinterpreted something, but if this info is true I will be very disappointed. I'm sure lots of TF fans will be. It does look a little true though if you watch the Linkin Park video and Shockwave's transformation.

  2. How the hell can shockwave "morph" into the dweller thing...its "mass" is off the scale for ch***ts sake....and not to mention in the trailer shockwave himself steps over parts of those tenticals. So ...what, he is stepping over "himself" there??? Whats with all the misinformation...between this.. and Nelson's Bull Sh!t...I am actually done listening to it. My personal crap meter has reached its limit.

    Oh...I love tf 1, 2 and im sure I will love 3 ...but if shockwave morphs into something thousands of times his own mass...thats just gonna be stupid, i dont care what anyone says...geesh !!

  3. I commented a while back about with bay movies in your mind you think you have an idea of how this movie might be, only to find out your not even close and sometimes it can be dissapointing and other times it can be awsome, i'm just going to wait and see the movie before i praise or critisize because right now i don't know what the hell is going to happen

  4. WTF...really...


  5. Apparently, The Dweller is Shockwave?

  6. shockwave won't "Morph" into the dweller, he will be able to pilot it though and that is what they probably meant.

  7. ^^ I hope so dude !

  8. Yeah, I really hope you guys are right about him taking control of it, or being able to join with it. That, I can live with.

    If not though, and he really does morph into this massive thing, then I'm worried. I probably won't care the same when I actually see it cause I'll think it looks awesome, but right now I'm scared we'll get some other ridiculous things too.

  9. What's really friggin stupid is Lazerbeak's alt mode is a farkin copy machine????

    Put a bullit in me now for christ's sake.


  10. As said before, Lazerbeak has MULTIPLE forms. I mean come on, he is a spy? Whats better then to blend in as a copy machine?

  11. A Copy Machine sure is better than Cassett tapes

  12. the article spoils nothing that hasnt been revealed already especally after reading the novelization

  13. Shockwave does not Morph into any large exoskeleton snake/worm Dweller. instead, he pilots the huge machine with his one of his combats. Shockwave is made up of 3 other robots.


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