Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dark of the Moon Gives Hasbro a Boost

Hasbro's Q2 numbers (I think April 1st to June 30th) are in and the executives are feeling the love thanks to Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Their profits jumped 33% compared to same time last year ($58.1M to $43.6M). Sales are tracking the same as they did with Revenge of the Fallen, crediting the movie with much of the boost. As a result the boys division (which includes Transformers) had a 96% jump in revenue. Considering ROTF made $592M that year, it seems the next two quarters might be just as strong with the small drop in US sales being made up with international sales. It also seems that The Hub has turned a small quarter. There were concerns it was in financial trouble due to new deal that was negotiated with Discovery Communications but this quarter it turned a modest $197,000 profit. Not much but considering the network isn't a year old with all the associated startup costs that isn't a bad start.

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  1. "boys division" *giggles*


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