Friday, July 01, 2011

Dark of the Moon The Score CD Delayed

Knightshift has provided the answer on why the CD copy of Transformers: Dark of the Moon The Score is not yet available at retail even though it is up on iTunes. The composer himself, Steve Jablonsky, provided the answer. To sum up, Michael Bay didn't get a chance to approve the score until a week or so ago. With time to print, produce and distribute it wouldn't hit store shelves until about September, long after the movie left theatres. Instead Paramount is going to use the probable November release of the DVD/Blu-ray release of the movie to help sell the Score.
Nice to hear from you. As you probably know the score is now up on iTunes. The physical CD situation has been more complicated. I finished the album weeks ago, but we didn't actually finalize it until a few days ago. Michael Bay is really happy with the score and he wanted to check out the album before it went out. As you might imagine, he's a busy dude. He's been flying all over the world promoting TF3, making it difficult to get approval. But I was happy that he wanted to be a part of the soundtrack and I did not want to release anything before he had his say. The record company tells me they need 4-6 weeks to get the album produced and into stores, which would put us into August at this point. A lot of discussion went into this, but the decision was made to wait on the physical CD, and release some kind of special edition alongside the blu-ray release (maybe autographed copies or other goodies, we don't know yet).

I know people are probably disappointed. Believe me I wish I could get physical CD's out there tomorrow. But it's just the way things went this time around. I can see why Paramount would rather not release a score CD almost 2 months after the movie release. To them it makes more sense to do something special around the blu-ray/DVD. I understand that.

So anyone interested in a CD should rest assured that it WILL happen. It just won't happen until later in the year unfortunately.

These big movies are so complex sometimes!! I hope you've been well!

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  1. Another big fail for Transformers3 production. Michael Bay is to blame again.

  2. Who cares, other than "Sentinel Prime" and the music score used during the opening - All the rest is just a remix of ROTF and the first films score.

  3. That's ok, because the reality of it is, the score is just not that good. It's a distant third in the trilogy behind ROTF. What happened to tracks like "Optimus' Sword" "Sector 7" "You're a soldier now" "Arrival to Earth" "Scorponok" "The Shard" "Forest Battle"

    The list goes on...This score could be from "I am number four" "Planet of the apes" or any random Sci-fi thriller. There is no tie in to the first two movies by Jablonsky. Did John Williams abort Vader's March in Revenge of the Sith? knew exactly what you were listening to. Other than "shockwave's revenge" and "it's our fight" there are no stand out tracks that take your breath away like the first two.

    The audio tracks on the video game and in the trailers would also drastically improve the Dark of the Moon score.

    Hopefully, Bay and Jablonsky will improve the itunes version or release a "special edition" when they finally get around to release the CD copy.

    My 2c

  4. Today I saw Transformers today....and I saw the new actress in it...and then I read the story how her fired Megan Fox over her Comments on Hitler and Mr. Bay... Mr. Spielberg who is a Jew is as intolerant as Adolf Hitler who killed/fired people who talked about his views ??? After this information was revealed to me it killed by pleasure of watching the latest movie of Transformers and I am disappointed in Mr. Spielberg and his intolerance and self righteous behaviour….Sad…..

  5. ohhh ohhh ohhhhh i love the music that plays in the background when the dreds attack the autobots on the highway i hope thats on there...itssss too epic not to be

  6. Meh...I dont buy movie soundtracks anyway!!!

  7. to all the poeple like above still yammering about megan fox- SHUT THE FK UP!!!- the movies are called Transformers, not mediocre actress movie.
    if the megan fox scenario actually caused the movie to be less enjoyable anyone you arent a transformers fan and shouldnt be on this website.

  8. @Anonymous 7/01/2011 11:16 PM: you are pathetic and silly. Insulting people won't turn Rosie Huntington-Whiteley into an actress. You are and hypocrite because it's Rosie that can't act a little bit and ruined Transformers3.

  9. Strange, because my friend founded The Score from internet as a torrent O____o ...

  10. Does anybody know if the music from the teaser trailer is on there? Referring to the last half of the teaser when we see Sentinel.

  11. No, there is no trailer music on the score....


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