Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DOTM Linkfest

The movie has been out for weeks now and yet the Transformers: Dark of the Moon related merchandise news keeps coming.

Figure King 162 ScansHit the link for a scan of Japanese toy magazine Figure King #162 featuring Takara's release across the entire line of Transformers including DOTM, Masterpiece, and more. It also has interviews with Takara Tomy toy designers (but obviously in Japanese).

DOTM Galleries - Armored Topspin | Leadfoot | Shockwave Repaint | Shockwave and Ratchet Action Sets | Target Exclusives
A bunch of links to upcoming DOTM toys that should be hitting toy shelves soon or already have (Target exclusives). The Shockwave repaint is very odd and not confirmed if official. I am sure one is coming as Hasbro reuses every mold at least two (or more) times but I would be really surprised if that color scheme is the final version.

Transformers: Classified: Switching Gears Cover
A few months ago a new Transformers Young Adult book line was announced with the first book called "Switching Gears". As the cover shows the series takes place in the movie-verse with the book introducing Gears. The description is "An original Transformers novel series! Secrets are uncovered in the Nevada desert when a boy witnesses two Transformers arrive on Earth." The book is scheduled for October 31st release date. Thanks to Sahara for link.

Upcoming DOTM Leader Class?
A rumor has been posted that a potential 2012 wave of Leader class toys may include Megatron and Shockwave. This information has not been confirmed by Hasbro and something I would take with a grain of salt until more proven images leak.

SDCC 2011 Exclusive Optimus Prime ReviewBelow is a video review of the Matrix packaged deluxe Optimus Prime that was an exclusive for SDCC 2011 and also at HasbroToyStore (use code COMIC2011 to save 10%). Over all it’s an ok toy in an excellent package. (via TFW2005)

Jetwing Optimus Prime Video Review
Almost a rule now that you have to have a Peaugh review with a link fest. This one is for Japanese only version of Optimus Prime. I wouldn't be surprised if it makes its way stateside but no announcements yet. Like most of the Optimus Prime toys for Dark of the Moon line, this one strikes me as yet another pass.

Kurtzman, Orci Briefly Comment on TransformersNot really DOTM related but movie related, the writers of the first two movies commented briefly on Transformers and Iron Man with Jon Favreau as part of promoting their next flick Cowboys & Aliens. Thanks to Feris Othman for the link.


  1. I got my Jetwing Optimus Prime today.

    Goddamn, that thing is HUGE!!! I love it so much. :)

  2. I think the Shockwave action set is the best rendering of traditional Shockwave and bang for the buck yet. Of course his tank mode was never in the movie so Shockwave could have been any number of things, like a Russian missle carrier (more appropriate being at Chernobyl) or even a GUN! HAHAHA!


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