Thursday, July 21, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con Day 0

The San Diego Comic-Con 2011 officially begins today but that didn't prevent visitors getting a chance from looking at the various displays that where built by the many companies that are using the convention as a means to promote their products including Hasbro. Below are links to the many galleries that have been posted of the upcoming wave of Transformers including Unicron, Toys R Us exclusive Rodimus Prime, Kre-O displays, Transformers: Prime toys, pallet of Kre-O Primes and more. Except for a couple of repaints, there isn't really anything new. Thanks to Sahara for some of the links.

Preview Night Galleries - TFormers (x217) | TFW2005 (9x)
Various galleries that are a combo of Transformers products and displays. The number in () is pics at the link.

25th Anniversary Unicron
Re-issue of the Energon toy form years ago but with a more detail paint app and head that is more Transformers: The Movie accurate. Unicron will be an Amazon exclusive.

MP Toys R Us Exclusive Rodimus Prime
This is the trailer-less version of Rodimus Prime based on the Takara mold. It is unclear if the toy is version 1 or the improved version 2 of that mold. Instead of the trailer it comes with Target Master Offshoot. I loved my very expensive MP Rodimus from Japan so highly recommend this one if looking for a much cheaper alternative. The toy is now available online so probably just a matter of time before it appears in stores.

Transformers Crew Series
Hit the link for a gallery of the hats and clothing accessories that have been created based off of Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Transformers: Prime
A gallery of the first wave of Prime toys that were going to come out in late summer but the news of another wave indicates that the plan is now to make TF: Prime the replacement toy line for Dark of the Moon when it runs its course resulting in a change to December for release.

DOTM Toys - Cyberverse & Robot Heroes | Various classes | Retailer Exclusives
Gallery of all the DOTM Cyberverse and Robot Heroes toys that were on display. Also various classes of the Dark of the Moon line including a look at Air Raid, Dark Steel (Sideswipe repaint), and Armor Top Spin. The last link is the various repaints and sets of DOTM toys being put together for various retailers.


  1. Does anyone know where We can get any of those crew series shirts and wallets?

  2. What I really wanna know is whether or not there'll be a 2nd wave of DOTM toys. Would still like to get Soundwave, Mirage & Wheeljack (screw their on-screen names)


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