Saturday, July 23, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con Day 2-4 (Updated)

The second day of the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con as ended with a few more Transformers related bits with gallery of Soundwave & Ironhide, the TF Animation panel, and when the exclusives will be available to buy online.

Update: Nothing new happened on the final two days of SDCC. The only things of note is a new gallery from the dealer room by AllSpark and a look at Bumblebee Kre-O costume.

Human Alliance Soundwave Gallery
Hit the link to get a good look Human Alliance Soundwave that appears to come with Laserbeak and Dylan Gould figure. I have to admit he is looking pretty sweet. Wheeljack is also getting released but no word on Mirage/Dino. The scheduled release date is December.

Cannon Force Ironhide Gallery
At this link are images of the red paint job for voyager class version of Ironhide that will be released in September.

Evolution of Transformers Animation Panel & Slideshow Screenshots
This panel covered the creation of Transformers from comic book concept to cartoon series. A few bits of information include giving Bob Budiansky credit for creating the Matrix of Leadership, the title of the animated movie was "The Secret of Cybertron" was the planet would transform. From there the discussion was about the Japanese Transformers series to Beast Wars to the current series.

Hasbro SDCC Toys Available July 26th
Calls to the has revealed that any leftover exclusive toys from the San Diego Comic-Con will be available on the site starting on July 26th. Specifically at what time is unknown. If history is a guild, most will sell out very quickly. On a related note, if use the coupon code COMIC2011 the toy shop will take 10% code off all orders. The code expires on 8/15/11.


  1. Potter didn't even last a week at number 1 at the Box Office. Epic fail for this douche that runs this blog an all the morons who saw that movie. Transformers is a blockbuster, Potter is for fantasy nerds.

  2. Epic fail for the stupid ass hater at 3:01. No one cares how Harry Potter does at the box office, it has little to do with this blog or the Transformers franchise. So shut up.

    And I would like to see a Mirage toy, love that Ferrari.

  3. Rest in peace H.L.Larry Cullen

  4. Anonymous 3:01 can we drop this Harry Potter VS Transformers thing? It's getting on my nerves. 2 different movies, you can't compare them. It's like comparing Star Wars and My Little Pony.


  5. i agree, stop with the harry potter nonsense, i'm sure tflamb has gotten an earful as well, time to move on already, i must say i'm pretty dam excited about how dotm could earn 350-360 million domesticaly and it will most likely reach 1 billion world wide, the main reason i'm excited is because we will definately get another movie and hopefully within 5 years or so, for me personaly i dont hate bay or his movies but i believe its time to let another director take over, i'm sick of bayformers, time for something different and take the franchise in another direction, but we all know money talks and bullshit walks so i dont know if i would count bay out just yet, just have to wait and see.

  6. Good news trans fans, dotm has passed tf1 and now stands at 325 million in the states and passed rotf earning 882 million globely, and it did it in 26 days, she's going to a billion, sorry haters.

  7. dont know why so many nice decepticons have chicken legs? it looks so ugly.. i like its alt mode but when i see their legs.. i got no interest at all.. sigh~

  8. Toys that were available today at hasbrotoyshop went quick. There was a server freeze up so some of us that were logged in and had items in our carts lost out when we got kicked out. Pissed me off as I was after the Starscream GI Joe Jet with Cobra Commander and Megatron gun.


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