Thursday, July 14, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Linkfest

Time for a little cleanup on miscellaneous stuff that has popped up related to Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Links include a look at custom figures, a chance for Nebraskans to see two DOTM vehicles, a TF limo, new apparel line and more video reviews.

Customized DOTM Ironhide, Megatron and Sentinel Prime
Hit the link for a look at the custom figures based on the Dark of the Moon toys, each with a new gorgeous paint jobs, lights and other custom details that really make the figures stand out.

Gearing Up for DOTM
An interesting article with Tactical Pro Shop CEO Matthew Kime as he talks about how his company help outfit the gear that NEST wore in Dark of the Moon. “We started this project in Feb. 2010, so we had to be very proactive regarding where things are heading, plus integrate conceivable pieces of tech that this ‘elite’ unit would have had developed for their mission.” The company also helped on ROTF, helping with supplies when the shoot ran short in China.

Transformers Bumblebee Stretch Limo
Exotic Limo in Melbourne Australia and Avolar Limousine and Van Nuys, California has a rental any Transformer fan will love. Their custom made limo is based on the Bumblebee Camaro with an interior to match. Make sure to hit the link for the full gallery.

Sentinel Prime, Bumblebee Vehicles in Fremont, Nebraska
Fremont Tribune reports that the Sentinel Prime Rosenbauer Panther and Bumblebee Camaro will be on display from 5-7pm Sunday June 17th at the Rosenbauer Aerials, "The Fremont company built the 54-foot high reach extendable turret atop the truck for the character Sentinel Prime." (via Seibertron)

TF3 Crew Series Apparel
Hasbro has announced new additions to the "TF3 Crew Series" that was first introduced with the special edition Oakleys. The new line of apparel is "inspired by the gear worn on the set of the Transformers: Dark of the Moon movie." New Era is introducing a line of caps around Transformers with Soundwave, Shockwave, Optimus Prime, faction logos and more. Images and details can be found at New Era Cap. Besides that there are cuffs, belt buckles and watches from Red Monkey Designs.

Official Transformers Chronicle Series Images
Takara has released official looks at the two sets of the Chronicle Series. The first one is G1 Optimus Prime w/ movie Prime set and the other is G1 Megatron (gun alt mode) with his DOTM counterpart. I doubt either set will make it stateside, but the Megatron set probably will not just because of the gun alt mode. Currently each set is going for around $125 at the various online importers.

Ultimate Optimus Prime Video Review
A second review of the Ultimate Prime figure from Peaugh. While he endorses the toy, I still consider it a waste of money but for those on the fence, maybe this review will help on making a decision. So far I have not seen the figure in stores but probably just a matter of time before it hits store shelves.

DOTM Autobot Ark Playset Video Review
Optibotimus reviews The Ark playset that has started hitting toys shelves. I saw em at Toys R Us. My opinion is "meh" but mostly because not big on playsets. If this did more than fold out might have been more interested.


  1. How much it cost for a complete transformers 3 figure?

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  3. That Ironhide is looks awesome I want it. Is it possible to get one??

  4. Prime...

    Spread what? I didn't see anything there new to me. What exactly does it provide that can't be found elsewhere?

  5. that ironhide was a custom from frenzyrumble was on ebay and the price rich a total of $900 i think maybe more but you guys can do it your self just lern dont be stupid to pay that price.

  6. Prime said...

    Spread the word
    7/14/2011 10:58 AM

    He's saying go to DOTM instead of harry potter!

  7. Mandy...

    Oh OK. Did that. It looked like a renaissance fair at the theater with all them Harry Potter fans. I saw a much better movie B-)


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