Friday, August 19, 2011

Dark of the Moon Linkfest

While Transformers: Dark of the Moon is winding down its theatrical run, a little of toy related news continues to pop up now and then. Below is the latest, most of it about repaints and the like.

FDR Bay-ized
This tongue in cheek poster is an amusing take on what a Michael Bay version of President Roosevelt may be like. At the link is more images (not really Bay related) that places other Presidents in classic movie type settings like George Washington vs. Zombies and Andrew Jackson vs. aliens.

More Warren Manser Concept Art
Hit the link to look at more images of concept art from Transformers 3 posted by Warren Manser. It seems he may continue to add to the set but it’s still worth looking at all the cool artwork created for the movie.

DOTM Shockwave in G1 Colors Repaint
A Voyager Shockwave repaint popped up in an auction that sports modified color scheme that seems closer to his Generations One colors. No idea if this is a fan effort or something that might be in the pipeline for future release. Since Hasbro likes to reuse every single mold at least twice, it is always possible.

Wheeljack, Soundwave
Hit the link for slightly fuzzy officially images from Hasbro for deluxe Wheeljack and Soundwave that includes pics of Generations Junkheap (Wreck-Gar repaint) and Sky Shadow (repaint Thunderwing).

Roadbuster and Lunarfire Prime Images
Hit the link for in package images of the latest DOTM repaints that are Walmart exclusives.

Deluxe Dark Steel Images
Yep another repaint. This one is based on deluxe Sideswipe but sporting a pretty good looking dark gray, gold and blue color scheme.

DOTM Cyberfire Bumblebee Video Review
Below is a review of yet another deluxe repaint of Bumblebee for TFCon. The paint job is actually pretty good looking with red evil eyes that are interesting and something Hasbro might want to try to replicate for future Decepticons.

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