Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DOTM Home Video "Changes" Ad

A new ad for the home release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon was posted via twitter called Changes. Below is the YouTube embed via TFW2005.


  1. the movie has been leaked since saturday and it looks awesome in bluray

    heres the link if u guys want to download



  2. I've downloaded the Bluray myself.
    It looks so awesome in full HD. I think it looks better than in the theaters. The robots are very detailed, can see every nooks and crannies of them. :D

    Sorry for my bad English though...

  3. dude i thats exactly what i thought the detail on all of them its amazing

  4. Does anyone know if and when all 3 movies will be available for digital download in HD?

    I looked in iTunes and the 3rd movie will be available for download on Sept 30th in HD. I would love to get all 3 in HD ... just wondering if anyone out there heard anything? Rumors point to a Trilogy release in HD for digital download before Christmas 2011.

  5. what the fuck is wrong with you people - downloading the movie illegally?!!?

  6. what do u mean
    "You, People" huh

  7. ^^exactly. and my bet is the first 2 comments are the same people

  8. no i posted the first post the third and the 6th

    and so what if i downloaded it i love michael bay (No Homo) i collect all his movies so of course im buyin the bluray today and in December when the special edition comes out


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