Tuesday, September 06, 2011

DOTM Linkfest - Customs

Yet another Transformers: Dark of the Moon link fest and the toy and related news continues to trickle in. Below are few galleries to upcoming toys, a video review and two custom jobs that take two DOTM to the next level.

Leader Class Prowl Custom
Hit the link to view a gallery and how-to on this very sweet custom leader class Prowl created by autobotx23 that sold for $339 on eBay. The figures core is Leader class Bumblebee with parts from leader Brawl, leader Megatron, Sentinel Prime, Halo figures, and more. The result is just a ton of Transformer goodness.

Hasbro's DOTM Wave 5 Gallery
Hit the link for the deluxe class Wave 5 Transformers: DOTM toys. Not entirely sure when these are coming out but guessing in a few months. The line-up includes Armor Topspin (repaint), Darksteel (bio, repaint), and Air Raid (new mold).

Cyberverse Ultimate Gift Set
Hit the link for images of the package for the Cyberverse Ultimate Gift set. The five pack comes with Optimus Prime, Powerglide, Crowbar, Bumblebee and Sideswipe. All essentially repaints of existing Cyberverse toys currently available everywhere. Release date, price and other details not available.

Custom Ultimate Optimus Prime
While the Hasbro Ultimate Optimus Prime is kind of craptastic, the Frenzy Rumble version certainly isn't. The toy started from blah but Frenzy added custom hands, LEDs, voice & sound chip, energon swords, and a bunch more as can read at the link. The eBayed figure went for a whopping $4,100 (that a true bid?). (via Full Metal Hero)

September Future King Scans
Hit the link to view upcoming Transformers toys, both DOTM and not, that are being released in Japan in the next few months. Most of the DOTM are the same as the US side with the exception of the Megatron G1/movie set which is not ever going to be released US side due to toy rules (and parent groups).

Target Leadfoot Gallery
Hit the link for gallery of images for deluxe Leadfoot, part of the two-pack containing deluxe Topspin. Still not sure why Hasbro just didn't do a Wrecker three pack. Thanks to Leadfoot sporting the Target logo, this is probably about the only way to get this character in movie colors until the inevitable repaint gets released.

Cyberverse Shockwave Fusion Tank
A Peaugh review of the toy set. Peaugh actually bashes the toy (for once) but then at the end kind of backtracks as if unsure it’s worth the $15. Personally, it looks like the Shockwave robot mode looks good and the rest is crap. Not even sure I would pay $5 for it based on the video below.


  1. Optimus looks awsome *_*

  2. I'd be highly amused if Leadfoot was found at Toys R' Us or Walmart. haha

  3. $4100.00 and it doesn't even transform? It looks great and all but ...

  4. Anonymous 9:06 You kiddin' me, look at that thing, it's a MASTERPIECE! That guy should work at Hasbro or Takara since his version looks better and more movie accurate. Something that always bother me with live action movie Optimus toy, is that they can never get his head right.


  5. BEST!!! optimus prime i have ever seen in my life it is the bomb its so cool that hasbro should laugh at themselvs for how poorly there transformers are. i see where u were going with it have u ever thought about making his trailer wher it turns into a weapen storeg like in the movie and his weapens like his sheild his battle axe and swords i wonder how that would look


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