Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall of Cybertron: Matt Tieger Interview

GameInformer has posted their latest update to their coverage of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron that is dated for release in Fall 2012. In a two part video interview with Matt Tieger, Game Director of FoC, discusses his background, goals for game, changes that make this game a "spiritual successor" to War for Cybertron.
The interview can be found here.

The highlights:
- Trying to create a game that caters to longtime fans but open to newbies to the Transformers universe or has not played the first game.
- Change to a single campaign instead of separate Autobot and Decepticon campaigns to create better gaming experience and avoid the feeling of repetition.
- The story tells each factions perspective as prepare and leave the dying planet.
- Computer AI and weapon system overhauled based on fan constructive criticism with idea that "variety is king."
- At same time trying to "reduce complexity to improve quality." Example was instead of a variety of skills no one was using in the first game, have a key tactical weapon available based on level playing on.
- Decided to stick with Grimlock as dinosaur alt mode in part because of fans and also just more interesting. Did consider IDW inspired Cybertronian mode but had done that before. Worked with Hasbro to work out the new origin of Grimlock (result of Shockwave's experiments inspired by a view into Earth's prehistoric past via Space Bridge technology)


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