Friday, November 18, 2011

Dark of the Moon Up for Two People's Choice Awards

Transformers: Dark of the Moon has been nominated for the 2012 People's Choice Awards that will January 11, 2012 on CBS. The categories are "Favorite Movie" and "Favorite Action Movie". The compeitition if fierce so make sure to take a second and click here to vote.

Favorite Movie - TF: DOTM, Bridesmaids, Harry Potter 7.2, The Help, Pirates 4
Favorite Action Movie - TF: DOTM, Fast Five, Harry Potter 7.2, Thor, X-Men: First Class


  1. Favorite Action Movie: X-Men First Class
    Favorite Movie: Pirates 4

    Among those lists those are the best ones deserving to win.

  2. Pirates 4? Anonymous? REALLY? See kids...this is why you DON'T SMOKE CRACK.

  3. I hope TF DOTM wins both, but I thing Harry Potter is the odds on favorite. Fingers crossed for TF.

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  5. It's ok if you like Piratse or x-men, which in my opinion were horrible, but come on man don't be comming on a Trans site and tell us Trans fans how you love the Pirates, thats just downright disrespectful. Go on the Pirates site and express your love, and I don't care if you liked DOTM or not, I come hear to talk Transformers and Trans related topics, no exceptions. If you like or don't like DOTM thats the dicussion we should have and how we hope the next movie should be and what we would like to see. We come hear for one reason and that's to talk Tranformers. We can always go to other movie sites and discuss that movie or related topics and thats why I come hear to talk Transformers and nothing else, its our sanctuary from everything else, lets keep it that way.

  6. WOW!!, Pirates 4 better than Transformers DOTM? I must be having a bad dream.

  7. Oh c'mon, man... best action movie HAS to be Transformers. :PPP

    I dunno about best movie, because that's purely subjective, but I root for TF anyway, based on principle.

  8. It would be nice if the picture they showed was of OP and not of Shia


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