Wednesday, November 09, 2011

No Transformers 4 News From Hasbro Investor Day

Despite hope and rumors, today's Hasbro Investor Day passed without any updates on Transformers 4. The day, essentially a cheerleading session (see video below), was led by CEO Brian Goldner and other company executives. Basically the company is strong; The Hub network is on track and growing. Toy sales are expected to go above $300 million in part due to The Hub related toy lines (Transformers: Prime, My Little Pony, etc).


  1. Martinus Prime11/10/2011 4:53 AM

    Damn! I was hoping for some news. I bet they'll come with something after the S.E. blu-ray is released.
    And I'm betting they are already working in secret on a script. No way Paramount and Hasbro are waiting more than 2 years to put another movie in theatres. They will have to start shooting in april/may. Transformers is hot now.

  2. @Martinus Prime: no new Transformers movies is going to be filmed before 2013. At earliest they will start filming may/june 2013 for a 2014 release.

  3. Martinus Prime11/10/2011 7:09 AM

    @anon 5:36 AM:
    That's what you think/believe, I think you're wrong.
    I can't imagine that Paramount and Hasbro want to wait 3 years for a new movie. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. We'll see in time. I hope my guess is right and you're wrong! :-) See how I put that phrase?

  4. I hope the next few films focus on the future and has rodamus prime an galvatron an the danger of unicron spread out over three films.

  5. Martinus Prime11/10/2011 6:02 PM

    I'm from The Netherlands and a national webshop says that the 3D blu-ray gets it's release here in the Netherlands on january 18th!!!
    Then I'm guessing it'll be a goddamn couple months more, before we get the 2 disc Special Edition blu-ray. If we even get a 2 disc S.E. that is. I'm more and more afraid that we will never get a 2 disc S.E. :(
    Fuck, and where the hell is The Original Score cd???


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