Monday, November 21, 2011

Transformers Trilogy Signature Edition Set Details

Nelson, admin of Michael Bay's Shoot for the Edit forums, has posted a few details on a 5,000 run Transformers Trilogy Signature Edition set that will be released stateside from two online retailers. No price or release date yet. Click here for a few images of the trilogy set that comes it its own special triangle shaped case with a film cel depicting scenes from the movie.
A little update on the Signature Edition Transformers set:

• There will only be 5,000 made.
• They will be autographed by Bay.
• Will be sold on and another US retailer.
• They will contain the 3 TF Blu-ray movies + behind the scenes stuff.
• It will be out in December.
For those who reside outside the US who want in (since Amazon US doesn't ship internationally), I will buy a batch and ship them to you. Retail price + shipping & handling to be determined. You must have a Paypal account.

I will keep you posted.


  1. Usually Amazon US ships internationally unless the manufacturer explicitly forbids that.

  2. a pyramid? wow. and a fairly plan and ugly one too. they couldn't have made an all spark case or something?

  3. can you pre-order?

  4. So this is for Blu Ray. Is anything planned for regular DVD? I thought there is a collector's edition coming out?

  5. Yeah, Amazon US DOES ship internationally. I live in Canada and I buy stuff on there just about every week.


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