Sunday, December 04, 2011

Transformers: The Ride World Premiere with Michael Bay (Updated)

Friday was the grand opening of Transformers: The Ride at Universal Studios Singapore. On hand for the celebration was director Michael Bay as he literal rode in the Bumblebee Camaro and activated the ride. He also sat down for a Q&A with the media and talked about his part in creating the attraction. posted the pic to the left and an article talking about it. Below are two videos of the world premiere festivities. The first from is a 13 minute video that is a walkthrough of the ride from outside, during and after along with Bay's grand entrance while the second video from MSN has some of the Q&A with Bay and more opening footage. I am curious if the sweet Bumblebee and Prime costumes are going to be an ongoing thing at the studio with some poor soul having to walk around the park wearing them or if specific for this opening.

Update: I.Z. Reloaded informs me that the costumed Bumblebee and Optimus Prime "permanent attraction in park, greeting the theme park guests and welcoming them to the Ride." Bumblebee is 7.5 feet tall (2.3 m) while Optimus is 9.5 feet tall (2.9 m). Wearing those costumes are hard work so be kind to those inside.

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  1. I think there will be transformers 4, and reboot is not need, becouse in new trilogy megatron can back as galvatron and there can be a unicron. Why not put megan fox back? Same people can do movie and I think this movie will be better. Its only my opinion.


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