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Transformers Linkfest - Micro Change

Another year, another linkfest. This one covers a fairly wide range of Transformers news. To start, a walk down memory lane with a look at some of the very first Transformer toys including a line of gun robots. Also news on the return of TF cartoons, more 3rd party toy galleries and a tease of a new Transformers comic. Also there are videos of Kre-O stop motion, Oscar trailer with Transformers cast members and 5 toy reviews of a 3rd party add-on, 4 G1 inspired 3rd party toys and TF Prime toy.

Micro Change Gun Robots and Micro Change Italy
It turns out that Megatron was not the only Transformer to have a gun alt mode back in the G1 era. Takara actually had an entire line of Diaclone (TFs) based on real guns. The link above gives you a little background with a whole lot of images of the various Gun Robos that were produced. Sadly various toy laws make it difficult to re-create this line as I am such a sucker for TFs that are based on actual real world objects. The other link is a kind of part 2 as it expands to other "Micro Change" (aka TFs) that was released in Italy around the same time, most of which should be very familiar to fans.

Transformers: Prime Season 2 Starts February 18th
The Hub has revealed that Transformers: Prime and Transformers: Rescue Bots return on February 18th. Rescue Bots will air at Noon EST while Prime is at 8:30pm EST. No idea how many consecutive new episodes will follow.

Third Party Not Megatron Prototype ImagesIt seems a new 3rd party TF maker called Toyworld is entering the ranks with a deluxe sized not Megatron toy inspired by his Generation One incarnation that is called Hegemon (Greek for leader). The prototype images show a toy that looks pretty sweet. From the comments, the toy will be out in June and currently priced at $99. More images are here.

Maketoys Excavator and Bulldozer Gallery
TFC Toys isn't the only 3rd party maker with a not Devastator figure called Giant. MakeToys has their own in the works and for whatever reason they have gone with a yellow and black color scheme. At the link are the first two figures in the line-up that look pretty good and at deluxe size the final combiner are going to be about Unicron sized.

More Hercules, Final Two Figures Images
Speaking of TFC Toys, their not Devastator figure is nearly complete with the two final figures yet to be released. At the link is a gallery of the combined giant robot along with Mad Blender and Neck Breaker. The final two are expected to be released in March and April and cost around $100 each.

Autocracy Teaser Image
IDW has released an ad promoting their upcoming online only Transformers mini-series called Transformers: Autocracy. Last summer during Botcon IDW teased this series indicating it is likely to explore the corrupt Cybertron government that led to the rise of Megatron. Something that was hinted at in the Transformers ongoing that explored how Megatron and Orion Pax (Optimus) first met. At the time, Orion and Megatron were in agreement that the corrupt leaders needed to be removed from power but Megs felt violence was the answer while Orion wanted to use more peaceful means. The image indicates it is specifically for iOS devices but I imagine it will be available through normal IDW online comic channels like Comixology. Even if you don't have an iOS device, IDW will probably release this in trade paperback form at some point in the future. The mini-series starts January 18th. Not sure on cost, number of pages or frequency of the release schedule.

Stop Motion Kre-O Video
Below is a fan made film using Transformers Kre-O figures with added visual effects. This must have been a total pain in the rear to create.

Oscar Trailer with Transformers Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel
Below is a cute trailer for the Oscars telecast that features Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel hunting down Oscar host Billy Crystal. Not sure why those two were chosen but the video is amusing enough.

iGear Mini Warriors Video Reviews
Below are two video reviews for iGears not Seaspray and not Huffer that are essentially more articulated re-creations of the classic Generation One toys. The about scout sized figures are not bad but not entirely sure the $20 price tag.

MakeToys Battle Tanker Upgrade Video Review
Peaugh has posted his latest Transformer review, this time for a trailer upgrade for the Transformers Generations G2 Optimus Prime deluxe figure that was released last year. The $105 accessory mimics the Generation 2 tanker trailer that Prime had way back when. The result is a well-made and creative add-on that turns Prime into a walking weapons platform. If not for the very expensive cost, it would be an easy buy.

Transformers: Prime Vehicon Video Review
Another Peaugh review, this time for TF: Prime Vehicon. This deluxe size drone is part of the toy line that is supposed to be released stateside possibly in March. Like with all the Prime figures, Takara and Hasbro have shown impressive ability to duplicate the CGI figures robot and alt modes in the corresponding toys.

BTS-05 Minions Tremor & Frequency Video Review
Below is a review of not Rumble and not Frenzy from BTS Toys that kind of duplicates the G1 cassettes complete with ground pound accessory. The $30 set is supposed to come out in a month or so. Compared the original versions, not really that impressed for that price.


  1. Jason Miller1/12/2012 2:27 PM

    June is the ship date on Hegamon (not Megatron) I just preordered mine. 99.00 - 109 and some change with shipping.

  2. I can't wait for the comics!!

  3. Thanks for reviews. Micro robots are so funny:)))

  4. I've been looking for a decent priced Browning (Gun Robo) for over 10 years. I heard somebody found a loose one at a small town toy store somewhere in the U.S. in 1997. Then again original G1 Japanese Transformers and unopened, authentic (non-knockoff) G1 Transformers are very rarely for sale nowadays. Even online. :(

  5. "June is the ship date on Hegamon"

    Nah, June is the most awesome milf in cartoon history *TF: Prime*.


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