Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bay Provides Razzie "Math Equation"

Michael Bay commented today on his forums about the eight Razzie Award nominations that Transformers: Dark of the Moon for being worst of for 2011. As is typical of the director, he breaks it down the film’s success and the temporary jobs its production helped create.
A Math Equation

Math doesn't lie.

I looked into this Razzie thingy. Sounds like a fruit cocktail but it is an apparent award for they say “the worst in film” by respected judges.

On their website you can join to be Judge! Holy shit, for $40 I could actually use my credit card to be a one! So I joined (I didn’t want the INNER SANCTUM membership for $75, because it sounds too much like Rectum). The $100 one for “GUARANTEED ANONYMITY” sounds kind of cool for the pure Internet lifer-hater-living-their-whole-life-behind-a-computer-wishing-they-could-of-done-something-other-then-hate-the-ones-that-are-doing. But the price was steep.

I’m a judge now $40 bucks with a newsletter included. I must say the Razzie Reporter Newsletter rocks!

So here's the math, made by a young PA in the office:
• Directed nine movies
• One movie tanked at the box office
• 4th Highest Grossing Director of All Time according to BoxOffice Mojo
• Youngest age in the top ten Grossing directors according to Boxoffice Mojo
• Bay most likely has received the most Razzie nominations as a director ever has
• Transformers Dark of the Moon: 140 million people around the world attended
• Transformers Dark of the Moon box-office $1.123 billion dollars.
• Transformers Dark of the Moon received 7 Noms this year
• Transformers Dark of the Moon is 4th highest grossing movie of All Time (the last Harry Potter is 3rd , and last Lord of the Rings is 5th).
• The next most attended movie Nominee is Jack and Jill, 4.2 million people.
• Transformers Dark of the Moon made $1.20 billion more dollars then the next Nominee Jack and Jill
• Number of Razzie Judges: 423
• Razzie Judges with Emperor packages: 13 (not sure what special shit they get)

Okay so now…

430 judges vote + 140 million people saw it + 712 Paramount Studio employees are smiling = 1 Very Happy Director



  1. Now those are all good reasons for TF:DOTM not to get any razzies.

  2. Wow. Clearly Michael Bay really got his panties in a bunch this time. Oh well. At the end of the day, he did Transformers for the money and ONLY for the money. Not out of interest.

  3. Bay, you are supreme. A director in tune with audiences. That's why we love you and spend our money on your movies. Everyone else is jealous,

  4. How many times do I have to say it and Bay basically said the same thing, it will always come down to the power of people or butts in seats not some teenie tiny Roger Ebert crowd that will decide for us. These people control the media and press and unfortunately have a powerful voice that would actualy make some people think that everyone hates a certain movie because they do. But numbers dont lie and weather your a lover or hater the Transformers franchise is one of the most sucsessful on planet earth and shows no sign of slowing down and while there is a teenie tiny and kind of loud crowd of haters, the vast majority of people all over the world who seen the movie, are you ready haters? liked the movie.So there is no reason to get upset over the so called Oscars or Razzies when every single one of us know its a rigged game by the same ol same ol Roger Ebert crowd.

  5. Replies
    1. i think that mike bay should make at least one more movie

    2. i love transformers and i am a fan

  6. Gentlemen, let’s not forget the main reason why ppl went to go see the transformers.
    It is not because of Michael Bay, or the writers, or Steven Speilberg or, ILM (per say). PPl went to see the TF because fans are hungry for TF content.
    PPL and fans want to see THE TRANSFORMERS, Not Shia or Megan Fox or Bayhem… All these things are “extra” tag alongs that come with the TF.

    I guarantee that if a monkey would have directed the TF ppl would go see it anyways. (I know I would) The TF are not popular because of Michael Bay.
    The TF are popular because of G1, the 1986 movie, Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Chris Latta, and all of its toys made by Takara.

    The fans have been and will forever be hungry for TF content, and hope that the content will be well done and make sense and is consistent the whole way through.

    If anything, Michael Bay is popular because of the Transformers and not the other way around. I am thankful for these movies, but they are far from perfect.

  7. A good movie, is simply one that entertains people. It doesn't matter what genre it is, or what subject matter it deals with, as long as the viewer enjoys the 1 or 2 hours in the cinema, the movie accomplished its main objective.

    A movie doesn't need to conform to elitist guidelines or standards to be good, like most critics will have you believe.

  8. Well thats true 7:57 AM that people went to see Transformers for Transformers but Bay and Speilberg brought Transformers to the big screen when most people said it would fail and wouldn't work. So people made there judgment and everyone of these movies were major blockbusters and helped the franchise to be solid and strong with no sign of slowing down and I agree with you that they are far from perfect and I also agree that TF is popular because of G1 and the original cast, thats a no brainer but then to say that after 3 totaly sucsessful films that Bay and Speilberg had nothing to do with its sucsess and compair these guys to monkeys , come on man thats kind of a low blow.Like I said these movies are far from perfect and I wish some things were better but I also beleive that you have to give credit where credit is do.And thats not say that I wouldn't mind a different Director with a different perspective but at the same time I'm glad these two guys took on the challenge and brought TF to the gig screen.

  9. How does the amount of people that went to see a film act as a measure of its quality?

  10. (Respectfully)
    Yes, 4:32 am! That is what I mean! They made money, but are not well rated.

    What I am trying to say is These 3 movies made money, but not because they were good...(Each movie had it's amazing, amazing moments, but that is it.) It's like this: There is a Metallica concert. (this for sure is going to sell out, but then they come on stage and sing justin beiber songs, and mabe a couple of their classics. Then everybody says, yeah but it's metallica and it was sold out, so it was succesful... So then they have a second concert saying it will be better, of course ppl are going to go again... you see what I mean? To me what really saved these movies are ILM, Peter Cullen, and that Japanese 3D artist who yelled out durring a meeting for the visuals, " "that is not optimus prime! That is an insult to Japanese ppl!" and got the go ahead to redesign it. That guy should have done the same for Bublebee's ugly face as well... what a waste. : (

  11. Not well rated by who? you? or by the people or the Ebert crowd, and who are you to tell us whats good or not. The movie had a cinama score of an A and thats just a fact and what does that mean, it means that the vast majority of people thought the movie was good and it doesn't matter if according to you it had amazing moments or not, it is what it is. And I think BumbleBee's face looked fine with great attention to detail and despite what you here from the teenie tiny Ebert crowd you would be very suprised how many people are fans of Bay and really do like his movies. To be honest I'm not sold on Bay at all, I would welcome a different director in a heart beat but for the 3rd Transformer movie to get a cinama score of an A says it all, weather you and I like it or not, you see what I mean?

  12. the young PA also had
    1- Greatest ego of all time
    2- Directed Nine movies nobody cares about

    1. spot on!! mb's pretty much arguing that high grossing movies will never be critically acclaimed. so its funny that all the others still have highly positive reviews - hp/lotr/toy story 3

  13. i heart transformers


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