Thursday, February 09, 2012

ILM, Digital Domain Special Effects Behind the Scenes Musical Montages

ILMDigital and Digital Domain have each posted around 3 minute musical montages that show how some of the effects were created for Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Ever since this was done for Superman Returns way back when, I have been a huge fan of these edits that when done well (like these), can relay a lot of information in a very short video. Enjoy.


  1. I LOVE THESE VIDEOS! :D Aaaahhh~! I should send in my job application. I'm really tempted to send one in for ILM. Aauugghhh... tempting! :D

  2. go to youtube and type in "Transformers III Cast and more Action" we filmed this a couple of times- one of my team blown of his feet right behind me. I'm at hope you like


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