Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Transformers: Prime Renewed for Season 3

Today The Hub issued a press release indicating that Transformers: Prime has been renewed for the 2012-2013 season. Sadly no GI Joe Renegades so my hope is dashed on a return of that series. The just started 26 episode season 2 of Prime is expected to run through this year.

Scott Wolf, Freddy Rodriguez, John DiMaggio and Phil LaMarr Featured In New Animated Series "Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters" Premiering This Summer

Other New Original Series Include Animated "Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot" and "Littlest Pet Shop," as well as Live-Action Series "Spooksville" Based on Popular Kids' Book Series from Christopher Pike

LOS ANGELES – Programs based on iconic names and strong, beloved properties are among the four new original series that will join eight returning popular original series on The Hub TV Network's 2012-2013 programming lineup. The announcement was made today by Margaret Loesch, President and CEO of The Hub, a TV network for kids and their families. The new series continue the network's strategy of building a schedule with programs based on well-known brands. The Hub launched October 10, 2010, replacing the former Discovery Kids Network.

Among the new original series coming to The Hub are the animated series "Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot," "Littlest Pet Shop," "Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters" and the new live-action series "Spooksville" based on the popular tween book series from Christopher Pike.

In addition, The Hub announced the acquisition of the popular live-action series "The Facts of Life," "Mork & Mindy" and "Sabrina The Teenage Witch."

The program announcements were made in advance of The Hub's advertising upfront events in New York (March 1), Chicago (March 8) and Los Angeles (March 15).

"With the momentum of our successful first year, we're building a slate of programs for the 2012-'13 season that continues our strategy of presenting series based on well-known names and beloved properties in the kids and family entertainment space," said Ms. Loesch. "One of our advantages has always been the built-in strength and recognition of our programming. The success of that is evident in our large number of returning original series and in the exciting new original series. We're confident that this lineup will further define us as the entertainment destination for kids and their families."

The first of the new series to appear on The Hub will be "Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters" an all-new, action-packed animated series from Hasbro Studios premiering this summer. The series features the voices of popular actors Scott Wolf ("Party of Five"), Freddy Rodriguez ("Ugly Betty"), John DiMaggio ("Futurama" and "Pound Puppies") and Phil LaMarr ("Mad TV"). "Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters" is an animated action-fantasy series that follows the adventures of a young hero, Ray, who possesses the rare ability to befriend and duel alongside fantastical creatures from a parallel dimension. The series is based on a re-imagination of the wildly successful Duel Masters property in Japan by Wizards of the Coast (Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons) and Hasbro, Inc.

The programs expected to debut on The Hub in 2012-2013 are as follows:

New, Hub Original Series (in alphabetical order):
"Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot" (Hub Original Series)
Take one step into Care-a-Lot and prepare for wishes to come true and unbelievable adventures to ensue! Coinciding with the property's 30th anniversary, a new CGI-animated series "Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot" is set to debut this summer to reconnect with kids and families. Care-a-Lot is the high-above-the-earth home of the Care Bears – the coolest, most caring-est, magical friends around! It's a whimsical world where the Care Bears help children navigate their feelings through music, love, belly-badge powers and great big Care Bear hugs. Produced by American Greetings Properties, "Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot" will premiere on The Hub in summer 2012.

"Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters" (Hub Original Series)
This animated action-fantasy series follows the adventures of a young hero, Ray, who possesses the rare ability to befriend and duel alongside fantastical creatures from a parallel dimension. Evil forces would have these creatures tamed and enslaved, so Ray and his two best friends must join the ranks of the mysterious Duel Masters to ensure the survival of both races before it's too late. Produced by Hasbro Studios, the half-hour series premieres all 26 episodes starting this summer on The Hub.

"Littlest Pet Shop" (Hub Original Series)
"Littlest Pet Shop" is an animated half-hour comedy series that centers on the life of fun-loving Blythe and the adventures of the pets that she cares for at the Littlest Pet Shop. Hasbro Studios will produce 26 all-new half-hour episodes of the series, which is expected to premiere in the fourth quarter of 2012.

"Spooksville" (Hub Original Series)
Based on the acclaimed book series by author Christopher Pike, the new kid in town discovers that he holds the key to a battle between good and evil that has been taking place for centuries in a bizarre small town that plays host to a wide array of supernatural and unexplained occurrences; only to learn that his family is right in the center of the mystery. From Producer Jane Startz, the half-hour series is expected to premiere in the fourth quarter of 2012.

New Acquisitions
"The Facts of Life"
A group of girls attending a boarding school experience the joys and the trials of adolescence under the guiding hand of housemother, Edna Garrett (Charlotte Rae). Distributed by Sony Pictures Television, the half-hour series is expected to premiere in the second quarter of 2012.

"Mork & Mindy"
Mork (Robin Williams) is a wacky alien who comes to Earth to study its residents, and the life of the human woman with whom he boards is never the same. Distributed by CBS Television Distribution, the half-hour series is expected to premiere in the second quarter of 2012.

"Sabrina The Teenage Witch"
Sabrina Sellman (Melissa Joan Hart) is a teenager with magical powers living with her two aunts Hilda (Caroline Rhea) and Zelda (Beth Broderick) and their magical talking cat, Salem. After discovering at age 16 that she's a witch, Sabrina is counseled by her aunts and even the cat in growing up magical. Distributed by CBS Television Distribution, the half-hour series is expected to premiere in the second quarter of 2012.

Returning Hub Original Series/Specials with new episodes (in alphabetical order):
"The Aquabats! Super Show!" (Premiering March 3 on The Hub; produced by FremantleMedia Enterprises and The Magic Store)
"Dan Vs." (Produced by Film Roman in association with The Hatchery, LLC)
"Family Game Night" (Produced by Hasbro Studios)
"My Little Pony Friendship is Magic" (Produced by Hasbro Studios)
"Pound Puppies" (Produced by Hasbro Studios)
"R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series" (Front Street Pictures in association with The Hatchery, LLC)
"Secret Millionaires Club" (A Hub Original Special produced by A Squared Entertainment)
"Transformers Prime" (Produced by Hasbro Studios)
"Transformers Rescue Bots" (Produced by Hasbro Studios)

About The Hub
THE HUB is a multi-platform joint venture between Discovery Communications (NASDAQ: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) and Hasbro, Inc., (NASDAQ: HAS) with a goal of entertaining, enlightening, empowering and educating children and their families. The cable and satellite television network features original programming as well as content from Discovery's library of award-winning children's educational programming; from Hasbro's rich portfolio of entertainment and educational properties built during the past 90 years; and from leading third-party producers worldwide. The Hub lineup includes animated and live-action series, as well as specials, game shows, and family-favorite movies. The network extends its content through a robust and engaging online presence at The Hub rebranded from Discovery Kids on October 10, 2010, and reaches more than 64 million U.S. households. The Hub logo and name are trademarks of Hub Television Networks, LLC. All rights reserved.

To find the channel in your area, please visit and check the channel locator at the top of the page.

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  1. Worse the product is more it gets renewed.
    Excellent tv series got canned for no reason.
    Transformers Prime is a very bad product.

    1. your an idiot...

    2. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN TF:Prime , idiot

    3. transformers prime ain't a bad product;moron!!

  2. You and some others are the bad that doomed TF2 & TF3 in oscars not the series ! TF:Prime is very very good !!!

  3. universal has a contest for some transformers the ride schwag, follow this link to play

  4. TF Prime is the sh@t !! Loves it ;) !!

  5. "Transformers Prime is a very bad product."
    Dude??? Having seen every episode of every series & movies (more than once), TFP is the best product ever produced in the history of the franchise. It's got cullen and welker, old and new characters, good story, GREAT animation and design that combines G1, TF animated and The bay movies. It appeals to kids and well, most adults... I hope TFP keeps going for years and years to come and hopefully a GIjoe cross over.

  6. @Anonymous Mar 8, 2012 06:13 AM: the best product in the franchise if you a 3 years old maybe. Transformers Prime production is a shame. It turned the Transformers franchise into a silly product for little kids. The original G1 series main target was 10-15 years old.

  7. I studied animation and illustration for over 15 years, took seminars with pixar's head of story and animation, and I work as an animator. I pitched an animated series to over 10 me, TFP is very very well done. it is not as violent as G1 or the 1986 movie. but you must understand that animated series must appeal to kids under 8 years old now a days because 8 year olds and up do not watch TV (or tune in regularly) these days. They play video games, go on the net or watch DVDs. Hence that is why TFP has a young tone to it. So you see, it is what it is due to those circumstances. Watch G1, beastwars, TF animated, and TF RID and you will see the differance in quality. TFP is probably the most expensive/high budget animated show on air today.

  8. @Anonymous Mar 8, 2012 08:01 AM: then you didn't study much or didn't understand basic techniques and Pixar is only going to get in trouble with more and more employees unable to judge product quality properly, which implies unable to deliver top-notch quality in their work.
    You can be anyone and anything you said here can be just a silly lie like too many on the 'net on forums and blogs BUT whoever goes around telling that Transformers Prime is very well done CGI must be either someone from the production desperately trying to promote a very bad product or someone with bad taste first of all. So to you Avatar got the best CGI ever created too,uh? Just because that's what they sold the world, a giant fraud the biggest lie ever that so many fools kept babbling about over and over like a bunch of retarded puppets under mind control.
    1) Transformers Prime CGI is worse than most cheap realtime rendered console games. The rendering and textures are just plain bad and non-realistic. If they wanted to deliver a good product they could have just either used ILM CGI for the movies or at least the same designs and rendering quality of Transformers games that are far better than anything seen on Transformers Prime
    2) So nowadays 8 years old must be retarded and with no taste,uh? G1 too violent for them? Geez! Oh,please! That is what happens when USA is driven by a Barack Hussein Obama of '68s Democrats. People get just plain retarded and want little kids to grow up with no brain at all. So even fairy tales like Snow White or Red Riding Hood would be "too violent" for little kids. Yeah.. what a great society nowadays thanks to hypocrite '68s Democrats regime.

    1. I was reading all these posts and personally it is just a matter of opinion. I personally love TFP and so does my 3 year old, yet he loves anything TF. Inncluding the old G1 that comes on the HUB. It isnt all that serious and calling people names just because they have a different opinion is just plain childish. If you think its a bad show thats you, dont watch it if its that bad. It wont change how i or anyone else feels about it. And no one should try to make you change how you feel, they should just leave it alone. Its just a tv show and if u like it u like it if not thats you. Just saying none of this was really nessecary.

  9. It's impossible to express an opinion on this blog without someone responding by saying you don't know what you're talking about or accusing you of being a Hasbro or Paramount plant.

    I grew up with Transformers G1 so I'm a bit biased...that being said I generally like what they've done with the story lines on Transformers Prime, I only wish more characters were included.

  10. Ray I hear ya, but I've been on this blog for while now and 2:04 PM is the guy who talks down to everyone who disagree's with him, he calls people names and ridecules them and he's been around for a while, he likes to agitate people and by the way thats all he does.I figured out the best thing to do is just ignore him and he sails into the sunset.

  11. The troll guy is our resident weirdo. Don't mind him. :)

    I enjoyed the TFP show and I kinda bought some toys the other day at Walmart as gifts for some of my friends.

    The Troll guy talks like everything's a conspiracy against his beliefs, everyone's guilty of being a spy, a plant, or a *gasp* a Decepticon, and he does it in a broken-English kinda way. Maybe he's from Iran. I'm just sayin'~

  12. @Anonymous Mar 8, 2012 05:33 PM; @LionBoogy Mar 8, 2012 08:18 PM: you two must be really little kids going around crying and telling this and that would be bad trolls. You have no argument and you can only call others trolls. It's not that by doing what you do what others said becomes bad and unsaid by magic, you know? And you being unable to bring up anything to the discussion to prove your points is only against you first of all. But you are so childish thinking that by calling others trolls then everyone would be listening to you and whatever you said became the truth and you would be praised. That is indeed childish.

    1. you too RETARDED MORON!!

  13. It's childish to be arguing over a movie about Transformers.

    I'm sorry you and I don't drink the same Koo-laid.

  14. I think the animation is done very well and the transformations are pretty cool. I pretty much like the designes but I'm not crazy about Arci and starcreem I dont know what happened to them. And Primes poor legs they look like frenchfries but I think the action is pretty good as well.

  15. Hahaha "...resident weirdo" thats about it too !
    I see the Troll former known as "franks grimes" has returned to tflamb, ...only this time its over TF Prime...and he's pumped and stranger then ever !! Poor kid...he is better ignored and left alone i fear :/

    TF Prime is the Sh!t !! Woooohooo !!!

  16. @Anonymous
    Mar 9, 2012 01:59 PM: exactly TF Prime IS shit. You just said it.

  17. God, you are so amusing. Here is my personal assessment of you.

    TFLamb: "Hey guys, Optimus Prime just gotta facelift and it's superblirefically totally rad!"

    Anon1: "Rad!"
    Anon2: "Awesome!"
    Anon3: "I <3 it!"
    Anon4: "Rainbow Dash would be proud!"

    TrollAnon: "Michael Bay destroyed any notion of what Optimus Prime was supposed to be and any following Primes are clearly a misrepresentation of an accepted historical fact that he is supposed to be a warrior, a God, and a leader for his dudes and this is just a disgraceful injustice to bestow this piece of worthless shit on the TF fans around the world and he looks like a bloody red turd that pooped out of my neighbor's lawnmower along with the blue fungal mold that grows in the back of my refrigerator after the power got shut off because I didn't didn't pay the electric bill."

    Anon1: "........what?"
    Anon2: "Did someone fart?"
    Anon3: "OK, wow, you just buzzkilled the party, dude."
    Anon4: "Oh god, HIM again."

  18. @LionBoogy: you must be 5 to 10 years old. Obviously you like childish bad products like Transformers Prime.

  19. No, I'm 65 years old, and back in my day we would just give ya the back of the hand.

  20. Haters gonna hate...... Anyways, I like TFP, and I don't care if you guys don't, cuz we all have different tastes.. ^~^

  21. Can't wait to watch TFP 3...gogogo!!!!

  22. Don't diss TFP! Can't wait for Season 3!

  23. yeah, me too, tell me when it will be on the HUB

  24. who doesnt like tfp

  25. Dude, if you are babbling, and crying over 8-year-old sh*t, then why are you here? If you call people these types of s**t then you'd are just as bad as being s**t. That being said, I liked TFP and honestly, my little brother got me into ponies, but avoid changing the subject. If you hate it so much then don't talk about it, we like to talk how good they are and no p***ed-off piece of s**t don't get to tell us, we get no say in what we like. Haters just love being a**holes.

  26. AWESSOOOMEEE!!! tfp season 3!

  27. Wonder when the next season comes out. can't wait. Heard the dinobots will be in season 3 all hail gridlock and foc

    1. ME GRIMLOCK NO BOSO ME Grimelock king!!!!

  28. Yay for renewing season 3 of TFP but why is it only 16 episodes wrong and why is Ratchet not in them?

  29. just get over it people has their own oppions


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