Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How High Moon Saved the Dinobots

The Verge has posted an interesting article that gets into the story of how High Moon Studios talked Hasbro into reviving the Dinobots for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. Hasbro had reached the decision that the Dinobots no longer fit in their Cybertron based continuity since Earth alt modes did not make much sense on a planet that had yet to make contact with Earth. As a result they would not be available for the movies or video games. Game Director Matt Teiger disagreed, wanting one of his favorite Transformers to be in the next video game. It became an issue of figuring out a story based reason that Hasbro could support for the Dinobots existence. A solution High Moon eventually found as the article explains in detail. It is an interesting article to read. Click here for the whole thing with a few highlights below.

- "If you don't want to play a giant robot that transforms into a space T-rex that breathes fire out of your mouth, I don't want to know you," Tieger said. "That's the way I think about it. You don't want that, I don't want to know you. It's a fucking space T-rex. I mean come on!"
- Grimlock was only color concept art Tieger took to Hasbro when pitching story for Fall of Cybertron in 2010. They said no but open to idea if can make it work.
- Matt Tieiger and cinematics director and lead writer Dave Cravens used their G1 cartoon fight with Shockwave as inspiration leading to decision to change their creator from Wheeljack to Shockwave.
- Shockwave, seeking to find energy sources to save the dying Cybertron, invents Star Bridge tech. Using that he discovers Earth and the dinosaurs currently occupying the planet. Inspired, he decides to experiment on five Autobots to re-engineer as his personal bodyguards.
- Since they are Shockwave's experiments that gave the team the ability to change their capabilities to fit gameplay needs so for example Grimlock can't transform at will but has to Hulk-out by building his rage meter.
- Tieger pitched the story and gameplay mechanics to Hasbro who approved the now canon addition of the Dinobots to the new Transformers universe.


  1. Actually, I like how the story line goes for getting the Dinobots into this. I remember reading one of Dreamwave comics that take place on Cybertron when the war is just starting and Grimlock was there and smart, but had a Tank mode. I hated it, I was like "Grimlock didn't even come around until they were on earth". I never finished the comic series so not sure what happened with him or it, but I like how this Tank Mode Grimlock could be the one that is captured by Shockwave and altered into T-rex Grimlock. It cind of ties everything together for me. Might just be for me, but still is for me... :)

    Another thought for the future is the Dinobots get recreated on earth (when TF gets there) and they remake the Dinobots (as in the 80's cartoon) and use the Sparks of Grimlock and gang in these "new" Dinobot bodies because they are killed back on Cybretron. :)


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