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Linkfest - Botcon Regeneration

Another week, another linkfest. This week's edition is a mixed bag with pics on Maketoys Green Giant, a look back at the origins of Transformers, gallery of TF Prime Starscream, comic stuff, Botcon news, WST Sixshot, DVD releases, and more.

MakeToys not Devastator in Green
Hit the link for Set "B" of Giant which is their 3rd party version of Devastator. Up to now the company has been releasing yellow homages to Generation 2 repaints but later this year they plan on releasing a gift set of all six figures in the more classic green paint scheme. The price is around $350 and expected to be released in June.

History of Transformers Translation
Hit the link for TFW2005's translation with two of the architects of Transformers. Hideaki Yoke and Koujin Oono talk about the origins of Transformers from more than 25 years ago as they discuss the various design and story aspects that helped create the Transformers franchise we all love today.

TF: Prime Voyager Starscream Gallery
Hit the link to view the gallery of Voyager sized Starscream. So far my experience with the Voyager line has been very lackluster. I recommend skipping that size all together and stick with Deluxe and Commander classes.

War Within: Age of Wrath #4 Unpublished Pages
A while back Transformers was published by Dreamwave Comics. At the time of its bankruptcy, it was in the middle of the War Within: Age of Wrath story arc that shows more of the background of the Transformers war on Cybertron and helped inspire all the Cybertronian origins and designs that have become common in the comics. At the link are five pages of Age of Wrath #4 that were completed but never published. While it lacks contest, the art is very well done and almost makes you wish that IDW would pick up where Dreamwave left off on that series. (via Seibertron)

Transformers: Regeneration One #80.5 Summary
Hit the link for a detailed description of the prelaunch of the Hasbro Transformers comic that will be hitting comic book stores on Free Comic Book Day (May 5th). The story summarizes previous events from 20 years ago that ended with the restoration of Cybertron and end of the civil war but still a whole lot of problems.

Botcon 2012 Schedule
Next week is Botcon, the official Transformers convention sanctioned by Hasbro. No unlicensed anything allowed but fan art has been okayed. At the link is the full schedule of the convention that runs from April 26th to April 29th in Dallas, Texas.

Transformers: Universe MMO - Reserve Your Name
Speaking of Botcon, Jagex has announced that Botcon attendees will be given the chance to reserve their character name for use when the MMO is released later this year. The MMO is a web browser based game that I guess will be available worldwide (not clear on that plan). No idea how compatible the game will be with mobile and tablet devices. Still if you are attending Botcon, might as well check it out in case you have a favorite character name you don't want someone else to grab.

WST SixShot Gallery
Hit the link for a look at 3rd party World's Smallest Transformer Sixshot. The figure is a micro version of the Generation One TF that had six alt modes and this tiny figure retains them all. Not sure scale but the typical WST was in the legend class smaller.

Hasbro's New Packaging Initiative
Hasbro has announced a new plan to improve the "product-to-packaging ratios" with a goal of reducing their environmental impact. Their plans include reducing package sizes; remove PVC in packaging, replaced wires with paper/bamboo mix, more recycled content and buying paper from suppliers that meet more environmental friendly guidelines. I kind of wish they would take a page from Takara and either move to mostly recycled cardboard packaging that eliminates all ties and plastic but I am a fan of being able to put the toys back in the package when done playing with it.

Beast Wars Neo DVD Set Announced
On September 26th, Beast Wars Neo will be released by AnicomiMax of Japan (so no English subtitles). Neo continued the Beast Wars I and II story in animation form. More or less think of it as Season 5 of Beast Wars. Most probably will not care but for die-hard fans it might make for a nice addition to the rest of your DVD collection.

Transformers: Prime One Shall Stand DVD Announced
Another TF DVD comes from Shout Factory. This is a compilation of the three part season one final of Transformers: Prime. The set will be released on July 31st. My recommendation is go out and just get the entire 26 episode season 1 set of Transformers: Prime that is out now and only costs $20.

iGear not Gears Revealed
iGear has revealed their next addition to their mini-warriors line inspired by the G1 toys. The next release is Cogz (aka not Gears). No idea on release date or price.

Why I Won't Sell My Binaltech
Hit the link for a TFSource blog post on why he refuses to sell his Binaltech Transformers even though they are taking up a lot of space and not gone up in value. For those that don't know Takara's Binaltech line was a kind of pre-cursor to the Masterpiece line back in 2003 to around 2006ish. It was highly detailed, often die-cast metal Transformers whose alt modes where officially licensed from Japan car makers. Plastic versions of many of the toys made it stateside as the Alternators line. They were really gorgeous creations but had very complicated Transformations so the result is most kids found them too much trouble so the line didn't exactly sell well in the States. I still have every single one of mine on display with no plans to store them away as they are just that good. To me they were the epitome of what Transformers are meant to be with cool real-world alt mode with an awesome robot alt mode. It also solidified to me that Takara and Japan is where the hobby is really at as Hasbro is only interested in mass market appeal and why I often post about 3rd party toys and Takara's latest. A new line did follow, called Alternity that was a much smaller scaled version with more plastic parts but the high cost and frequent repaints has more or less ended that line as nothing new has been announced in over a year.

TF: The Ride Evac Review
Below is Peaugh's review of Cyberverse Evac, the character created for Transformers: The Ride. The alt mode is the attraction ride "vehicle".  It is a simple toy, not bad but doesn't really do it for me.  I think there is a deluxe one also coming but not sure if at retail or only at Universal Studios. Click here for his review of Cyberverse Breakdown.

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