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Linkfest - TF Exclusives

Below are more links and info on upcoming Transformers toys and news from the last week or so. This editoin has info Takara's Masterpiece line, Maketoys shows off completed not Devastator, Masterpiece seekers are coming stateside, Beast Wars on Netflix, new galleries and video reviews of Perfect Effect's not Arcee and Transformers: The Ride Evac.

Masterpiece Sideswipe Prototype
To the right is the prototype to the next new addition to Takara's Masterpiece line. MP-12 Lambor (Sideswipe) will have the alt mode of a Lamborghini just as he was in the G1 days. Even better it seems Volkswagen has signed off on the alt mode which means the details will hopefully represent a real world vehicle. Something that is oddly rare outside of the movie toys. Indications are the figure will be in scale to Masterpiece Prime 2.0 to about Prime's chest. This move to create a scaled line for the first time is pretty awesome. Now if only the new MP toys came out at a faster pace. The figure is around $90 and will be released in late October. I assume it will eventually make its way stateside as an exclusive but no telling how long that will take. Red Alert (white repaint) will likely follow a few months later. The next Masterpiece figure (MP-13) will be Soundwave and MP-14 will be announced at the International Tokyo Toy Show next weekend.

Maketoys Yellow Giant Gallery
The not Devastator combiner from Maketoys will finally be completed once the final C set is released later this summer. At the link is a gallery of the final product. The yellow edition is a nod to the Generation 2 re-release of the Constructions with a green repaint box set coming up by the fall.

Masterpiece Seeker Exclusives
The old Starscream Masterpiece mold is getting two new releases stateside via repaints. Toys R Us is getting Masterpiece Thundercracker (blue seeker) as an exclusive while Wal-Mart is getting Skywarp. Both figures were released in Japan years ago. If you don't already have one of the Masterpiece Seekers, I highly recommend getting at least one of them once they become available over the next few months as it is an excellent mold and toy. It is fairly complex to transform so not really for little kids. This is the older Starscream mold, not the 2.0 version that Takara released a few months ago in Japan. In the past these re-releases where in the $50 to $60 price range.

Transformers Prime Toys - Ultra Magnus | Deluxe
At the link are two new TF Prime galleries. The first is for cyberverse Ultra Magnus and the second is deluxe Airachnid, Dead End (Wheeljack repaint), and Shadow Strike Bumblebee (repaint). With a few exceptions, at this point I just recommend sticking with the cyberverse commander class toys (usually around $9) as they have been consistently solid (if overpriced) line. The Voyager class simply sucks and is a waste of money while the deluxe class is inconsistent (but with a few stand outs like Wheeljack).

SDCC Exclusives Gallery
Hasbro has released official images of their planned slate of San Diego Comic-Con from July 12-15th. The Transformer related toys include Rust in Peace Cliffjumper in special packaging, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Bruticus giftset and GI Joe HISS tank in Shockwave colors with a B.A.T in Construction colors and tiny Soundwave. Whatever toys that are left get posted on but they tend to sell out quickly.

The Legacy of Optimus Prime Exhibit
If you are near the University of South Florida you might want to check out the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library as they have a new exhibit on display. Called "The Legacy of Optimus Prime, the exhibit features around 100 different versions of prime released over the years along with other merchandise, character facts and letters from the three main voices of prime.

Beast Wars on Netflix
As an FYI, all three seasons of Beast Wars is now available on Netflix. While season 1 is very uneven, season 2 and especially 3 is where the series hit its stride. If a fan of the G1 cartoons, Beast Wars is a satisfying series by time get through all the eps.

Transformers: Prime Video Game for Wii U
The Activision website has added the Wii U to the list of Nintendo consoles that will get a Transformers game around the same time as Fall of Cybertron is released. The Wii U has improved graphics that seem near but does not surpass the PS3 and 360 so no idea if the game will enjoy a graphical bump or not. Also no details if the game mechanics will make use of the Wii U controller's extra screen in any meaningful way or not. Technically an E3 trailer was release but it is the same trailer from last month ago.

Perfect Effect not Arcee Video Review
Another 3rd party toy, this one is a motorcycle homage to G1 character Arcee from Perfect Effect. Two versions are being released, with pink representing her G1 incarnation and blue for her modern paint scheme from the movies and Transformers: Prime. The highly articulated figure is probably about deluxe sized and does not come cheap with an average price of around $100. Based on the review, I have to admit I am really tempted to get one (pink or blue, can't decide) but hard to get past the $100 price tag. Pics can also be found here and here.

Transformers: The Ride Deluxe Evac Video Review
Below is a review of Deluxe Evac, the toy based on character in Universal Studio's attraction. Currently the toy is only available at The Ride shop.

TFC Toys Iron Army Video Review
Another 3rd party not TF review. This time for Iron Army. Remember last years Power Core Combiners? The not really a Transformers combiner sets because the individual components didn't have an alt mode, only the chest toy. This four figure set of 2 each allows you to create a real combiner with your main Powercore combiner toy. While the result is well done, dropping the $70 might be questionable.

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