Thursday, August 30, 2012

JLA/Transformers Pitch Crossover Artwork

For the last few days long time Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis has been tweeting comic related artwork from his tumblr blog but it was a piece from last night that got the most attention from the comic blogosphere. He tweeted "Transformers/JLA by Phil Jimenez yes, i said Transformers/JLA by Phil Jimenez" with gorgeous artwork (left). It turns out this piece wasn't just some fan commissioned artwork but a pitch from IDW's Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall for a JLA/Transformers crossover that looks to have been truly DC Universe wide and epic in scope. The idea was probably killed by DC as it came when they were getting ready to relaunch the DC Universe that would adjust the look and history of DCU. On bright side it doesn't mean they might revisit this in a few years and just update the story to reflect the new DCU.

Phil Jimenez followed up via twitter with an additional piece of art (right) and comments to fans. I strung them together below.
"Somehow, that rascally @brianbendis got a hold of my JLA/Transformers pitch art! Oh, what an epic that would have been! It would have been EPIC. You missed out on Wonder Woman's invisible jet becoming a very cool Transformer. Another piece of unused art from my JLA/Transformers pitch, with colors by the unbelievable @rfajardojr

"Giving credit where credit is due: the idea for Optimus Prime as a GL was none other than @chris_ryall's. Smart guy. A pitch for a cross-over! Got sideline after the DC relaunch, I think. Would have been fun, though! I'm a sucker for those Seacons. ...this was just pitch art, my friend. Just to give a taste. The transforming invisible jet... which was "female," I think. She would have been sooo cool. This would have been epically fun. No other reason to attempt such a thing, really, except for fun!"

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