Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron DLC and Reviews

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron has only been out a day but already a new DLC has been released, the end credits sequence posted and various reviews of the game. The FoC DLC gives access to Ultra Magnus, Perceptor, Wheeljack and Blast Off with Cybertronian vehicle modes and parts available in customization menu so can create your own version of these characters if choose too. The characters are only playable in multiplayer mode. The DLC is now available on PSN and XBox Live for $10. More screenshots from the DLC can be found here.

While it is early, there are already several reviews posted for the game. Some sites loved the games, others where underwhelmed but so far the game has around a 80% on Metacritic. Below are select quotes from various reviews to give a range of what is being written. Also below, for giggles, is the spoiler free end credits to the game scored to Stan Bush's The Touch: Sam Theme. This version of the classic TF: The Movie song was remade to fit Bay's sound athestics for the first Transformers theme. If don't mind spoiler the game, there are already plenty of boss fight and walkthrough videos posted on YouTube.

Game Informer - 9/10
Fall of Cybertron is the Transformers toy battle you imagined as a child, transposed onto the TV in front of you. It’s the most faithful treatment of the Transformers brand for fans across any medium in recent years, and it manages the feat while remaining welcoming to new potential players. It’s also a clear message to the world that High Moon Studios has joined that most rarified breed of game developer that can create an honest-to-goodness great licensed game.

IGN - 8.5/10
Because Fall of Cybertron's chapters have been thoughtfully built with specific Autobots and Decepticons in mind, their overall design feels a bit more scripted and linear than War for Cybertron's levels. Despite the more directed action, there's still ample opportunity to freely transform between robot and vehicle form and even customize each bot’s arsenals. Regardless of which Transformer you're using—or which side of the war they’re on—collected currency, unlocked weapons, and their purchased upgrades are shared between characters. For the more adventurous types, Cybertron offers audio logs, weapon blueprints, and Energon shards off the beaten path to extend your play time.

GameSpot - 6.5/10
It's a shame that the PlayStation 3 version struggles to keep up with that excess. At times, Fall of Cybertron is a technical mess on Sony's console: square pixels sometimes erupt where there should be sparks, loading times occur in the middle of the action, and the game may even lock up and require you to restart the system. The resolution is noticeably lower than on the Xbox 360, and textures are so blurry that you could momentarily wonder if a higher-res texture has yet to pop in. The frame rate isn't perfectly steady on the Xbox 360, but it keeps pace better than the PS3 version, which chugs more frequently.

Giant Bomb - 6/10
nstead, the actual payoff comes in the final chapter. It's an incredibly dynamic piece of action that has you quickly bolting from one character to the next as the Decepticons attempt to stop the Autobots from escaping their dying homeworld. One moment you're Soundwave, leading a boarding party and ejecting tapes all over the unsuspecting Autobots. Then it quickly shifts focus to another character, and another, and another, each of which is playing a different role in this larger conflict. It creates a series of manic moments that feel incredibly cool and take advantage of the ensemble cast in some really great ways. It'd be hard to deal with a full game like this, since the pace would be impossible to keep up, but when you put it up against the slow, repetitive pace of the rest of the campaign, it puts the rest of the game to shame.

Kotaku - no score, very positive review
The unique online multiplayer experience of War for Cybertron returns in Fall of Cybertron, streamlined and refined to the point that fans of the first game might be a little disappointed with some of the major changes. Most notable among these changes is the lack of special abilities in vehicle form, one of the core features that made the original experience so novel and exciting. With special skills limited to robot form and vehicle weapons that don't feel nearly as potent as their hand-mounted counterparts, vehicle forms are useful for travel but not much else. - 8.4/10
Addressing complaints of redundant visuals and gameplay scenarios in the first game, variety plays a much bigger factor in the sequel with a greater emphasis on distinct playstyles tailored to each Transformer. With a wider palette of gameplay elements to play with, including stealth, zipline traversal, and commanding the mighty arsenal of the colossal Metroplex, Fall of Cybertron’s campaign achieves a much more multi-faceted texture that makes it a thrill to discover just what lies around the next corner. Veering from the critical path, players can pursue a breadcrumb of audio logs strewn among the wreckage of each level, as well as collect hidden blueprints for powerful weapons feeding straight into the campaign’s extensive item and upgrade shop. Overall, it’s clear that a lot of thought and effort went into making the single-player front a deeper and more well-rounded experience, but there are still a few dings here and there. Expect a few cheap deaths, awkwardly handled events, and game glitches to reveal a few seams in the otherwise polished metalwork.


  1. wish i had the game :/

  2. Ultra magnus should be larger than perceptor

    perceptor LOOKS TOO BIG

  3. I like the game so far. Grimlock's level is sweet! Multiplayer is very good, and I truly appreciate escalation. Of course, there are few glitches here and there (PS3), but overall a solid game. Own it because you won't be disappointed!

  4. i think that some of the charcters that they can add should be Red- Alert, Smokescreen, or maybe they should add a pack with the Constructicons

  5. why is perceptor a tank he isnt a fighter he is a lad worker not a fighter


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