Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Transformers 4 Direction Motivated by TF3 Toy Sales

Hasbro's CEO Brian Goldner was at the UBS Best of Americas 2012 Conference (not a clue what that is) where the company provided a little bit of information about Transformers 4 including their placeholder logo until something official is developed with Paramount for the current summer 2014 release date. TFW2005 was able to provide the Transformers specific highlights.

- Called Botshots and Kre-O part of the gamification of Hasbro brands.
- Transformers 3 toy sales lower than expected blamed having the same characters in all the movies.
- Drop in sales motivated desire to use new characters in a new story specific to them.
- Desire to expand Transformers 3 to young kids lead to creation of Rescue Bots.
- Goldner hinted that Transformers 4 may lead to a re-imaging or reinvention of the brand.

It is easy to read too much into this but nothing surprising here. Hasbro take. Sales of TF3 toys were down, not surprising considering how many of them were just modifications of previous lines releases. A key way to refresh the line is new characters with new story arcs that could still tie into the larger TF Bay-verse if choose to or go into a new direction. Until we see of what Michael Bay has in store for TF4, it will be difficult to judge exactly what a reimaging or reinvention may actually mean. Thanks to Sahara A. for the link.


  1. " Transformers 3 toy sales lower than expected blamed having the same characters in all the movies."

    No kidding?!?!?! Maybe if they released the new Soundwave (car mode), Q, Dino/Mirage, etc they may have sold more toys. Kind of a BS reason.

    1. Big Company owners that sit on their mounds of money all day and have nothing better to do then talk BS. There's your reason?

  2. NO more Michel Bay please he has done enough

  3. Impeach Michael Bay. Get somebody else. Please! If the world ended on 12/21/2012, I would die happily knowing Michael Bay got kicked out of the director's chair.

  4. BREAKING NEWS...a toy company CEO wants his company to sell more toys.
    He has no say in what Bay does...doubt me? You think he wanted Devastator's balls or Simmons' ass in ROTF? Don't imagine those helped toy sales.
    They made a deal with the devil now they'll have to accept what they get and like it.

  5. What if the new cast of Characters turn out to be Rodimus Prime and possibly Galvatron who is Megatron resurrected? I could see that as a possibility cause that's what happened on Season 3 of the original Transformers series, which didn't had Optimus in it.

  6. Everywhere I go, I always see waaaaaayyy too much Skids and whater that other twin robot on the racks. Just those two.

    I think that pretty much sums up why Hasbro wasn't making enough money off of TF3 because they over-produced and recycled too many unsold products from TF2! :(

    What they should've done was fight hard to sell Soundwave, Dino, Que, and some of the other rad Decepticons. That would've been nice.

  7. that's it, like 'the movie' 1986 , Hot Rod/Dino/Kup vs Galvatron + UNICRON!! And in space aka not earth!

  8. they dont wanna admit sales drop because of bad design, lack of colors, quality low plastic, and smaller size compare to previous one.

  9. Honestly, if they released Dino as Hot Rod and Que as WheelJack, I think most of us would have given a damn. And by released, I mean actually released the damn products and not teased us with product images and in the last minute cancelled the shipments for no apparent reason. That's infuriating. I think they probably lost money on that failure.

    Plus, too many Skids and Mudflaps. They weren't even in the movie!

  10. I think that sounds like a better approach, taking the movie into space, a different cast and different Transformers. Now the question is can Bay move away from that stupid toilet humor, I mean a little is ok but geese this guy is perverted so please no deepwang deepwang, no thumper dumper, no balls hanging, no humping dogs and humping bots and no hairy Simmons ass, I mean come on man this is Transformers keep it noble. You leave these movies and dont know if it was good or stupid, probably a little of both. I want to see seens like the arrival of Blackout and longer and more death matches, I mean the scrap between BumbleBee and Barricade was good but too short, same with Ironhide sideswipe and the Dreads, it started to get me pumped up and than it was over, rediculous its got last longer than 2 seconds. The scrap between Prime and Bonecrusher was pretty dam good to, I just would to see much much more of it, to me thats what Transformers is all about,great battles, but will Bay deliver? I don't know.

  11. What do you guys think about g1 fans thinking the old blocky look is batter than the new complex look. I like g1 but in my opinion the movie transformations are more interesting. The sound effects are amazing and unique. Each time they transform they have a different pattern to them unlike g1.

  12. I cant stand the old basic box look, its so 80's. I like the movie transformers much more but some of the designes look goofy, like Q,what the hell happened,and Sentinal looked like a guy in a space suit for crying outloud but for the most part the bots looked awesome.I really liked the look of soundwave, thats what a decepticon should look like.Prime always looks awesome and to be honest I liked the way Megs looked in the 1st movie the best, truly evil looking and much more nasty. Bumblebee always looks cool and Ironhide is badass or was badass and Ratchet looks good but he should be killed off as well. I think they should definately keep Prime and Bee in the 4th movie, you just have to. I also agree about the complexity of the designes and how you can truly see the machanics working the attention to detail is amazing and how freeflowing there movements are. And I dont give a crap if you love the movie or hate the movie the sound effects were outstanding, again excellent attention to detail.

  13. Transformers is making good changes unlike coughcartoonnetworkcough.

  14. The sales of TF toys have gone down the shitter cause they made the toys smaller, cheaply made, and more expensive. TF:4 should be BEAST WARS if they wanna appeal to young kids and older people

  15. To me, this sounds like a total sell out: Introduce new characters for future releases, than collect the money and go running. Not a good way to end this. Mr Bay.


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