Friday, September 28, 2012

Transformers: Prime 2.21 Alpha, Omega Promo, TV Spot

Tonight is a new episode of Transformers Prime on The Hub at 7PM EST. "Alpha, Omega" is described as "The Omega Keys and the influential secrets they contain catch the interest of the Autobots; the powerful capabilities of the Primes are noticed by Megatron, who takes it upon himself to do whatever it takes to extract them for his own use." Below is clip and promo for the ep. Additional screenshots here. The two previous episodes, The Human Factor (2.19) and Legacy (2.20) can be viewed at HubWorld. Also don't forget that Transformers: Prime Season Two 4-disc set will be released on November 20th.

Upcoming episodes:
10/05 Hard Knocks (2.22) - When their desperate efforts to acquire the coveted Omega Keys take an unexpected and frantic turn, Knock Out is able to take advantage of the power of sound while Starscream uses his efforts to focus on the power of hyper-speed.
10/12 Inside Job (2.23) - When Smokescreen is captured, he learns the location of the Omega Key and attempts to retrieve all the other stolen keys.
10/19 Patch (2.24) - Starscream proposes a truce with Megatron but Dreadwing threatens to stand in the way.
10/26 Regeneration (2.25) - The quest for the Omega Lock takes the Autobots and the Decepticons to Cyberton for a battle.

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