Friday, October 12, 2012

Transformers: Prime 2.23 Inside Job Promo, TV Spot, Road So Far

Tonight Transformers Prime moves close to the season finale on The Hub at 7PM EST. "Inside Job" has a captured Smokescreen learning where the Omega Key while trying to get the other three from Megatron. Below is clip and promo for episode. Also Hasbro has posted a sorta "The Road So Far" (cue up Carry on Wayward Son) for the first two season of Transformers: Prime to promote their epic 26 hour long Transformers: Prime Marathon that starts on November 1st at 5:30pm EST and ends with the November 2nd 7:00pm EST season finale episode "Darkest Hour." Don't forget that Transformers: Prime Season Two 4-disc set will be released on November 20th. The previous two episodes of TF Prime are also up on HubWorld.

Upcoming episodes:
10/19 Patch (2.24) - In an effort to secure a peaceful truce that would be beneficial to all parties involved, Starscream offers Megatron a ceasefire but Dreadwing has other ideas and does whatever he can to keep the diplomatic agreement from taking place.
10/26 Regeneration (2.25) - The Autobots and Megatron's Decepticons are drawn into Cybertron to face each other in a heroic battle over their mutual quests for the coveted Omega Lock, which, once unlocked with the four keys, would reawaken Primus' power.
11/02 Darkest Hour (2.26) - Season 2 finale

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  1. whats the matter with everyone can they catch a transformer who can't transform and starscream came on that ship with no edge, megatron can just blast him so easy so what can starscream do to stop him from doing so?


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