Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bay Blames Transformers 4 Leak on Hasbro (and IDW)

Michael Bay has added a post script to his message yesterday about the alleged Transformers 4 script leak saying it is probably a planned comic story and so the leak came from Hasbro (and so by extension IDW).
P.S. I bet it is something from Hasbro. This time they are not doing a comic book of the movie because we want to keep our story under wraps. It must be their version of a comic themed Transformers story they are creating.
I really have no clue how he came to this conclusion as there is nothing in the script summaries to suggest any tie in to anything Hasbro or IDW has been doing for the last 10 years on either the comic book, video game or toy front. Everything about it screams fan fiction. The problem with him making guesses like this is his can cause people to lose their jobs and he needs to be more careful voicing them.

To be fair, he doesn't read comics, especially Transformers one. He probably knows they exist and he gets a little money from them but that is about all. My guess (cause mine do not have consequences) is this is residual resentment from when Amazon (not Hasbro or IDW) accidently leaked nearly all of Transformers: Dark of the Moon a month before release via a technical error when trying provide a few pages to preview the collected adaptation of the movie. Bay does not like leaks, he does not forget and so a comic adaptation will not be provided for Transformers 4. I am sure IDW is not happy about this but have no choice but to grin and bear it.


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  2. I doubt anyone at Hasbro or IDW will get fired over Bay’s comments, unless it was their script that got leaked.
    As bad as Amazon’s mistake was let’s not forget that the novelizations for all three movies have been released prior to the actual release of the movies. Bay likes to make a lot of bombastic statements but honestly I’d be surprised if he can stop the comic adaptation or the novelization from happening…after all, he hasn’t stopped them on the three previous movies.

  3. It's rather silly that Michael Bay doesn't know what Hasbro plans on Transformers franchise are being him one of the main producers in the whole franchise. Isn't Transformers Prime produced by Michael Bay too?
    And isn't Michael Bay getting a percentage out of anything Transformers related since he invested his money in Hasbro years ago?
    Then now he comes up with this silly excuse blaming Hasbro for "the leak".
    What leak? Everything that gets leaked on the 'net 99% of the times it's just producers releasing beta products/preliminary products/drafts and so on. That is just marketing to both generate hype and to get a free survey out of people worldwide following discussions on the 'net on forums and blogs and websites comments.
    All of this is just a smoke screen.
    99.99% that "leaked" script is just the idea they developed for the movie, it might be just an extended draft out of a bunch but then it doesn't mean they will use it either in part or at all.
    They might keep some elements of it and discard others.
    They did the same with Transformers2 and Transformers3 "leaked" scripts.. and for both those movies the leaked scripts/early drafts were way better than the final product.

  4. ^ ha ha smoke screen get it.

  5. who cares about that script its going to be more human story than robots as usuall. the love story of sam. or walberg or what ever.

  6. I hope they go ten or twenty years into the future from the end of the last movie an have galvatron arive seeking vengeance on optimus prime and defeating him forceing rodimus prime to take command of the autobots and leading them aganist galvatron an his new breed of desepticons,I think bumble should start speaking because by now ratchet should have fixed him.

  7. they should have a total of 7 movies for the 7 primes. first there was optimus, then the fallen, and the sentinel in the latest movie.
    I cant wait for the 4th movie!


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