Thursday, December 20, 2012

Linkfest - Merry Christmas

Finally got around to playing catch-up on the latest in Transformers toy news. Upcoming toys include Capbots (transforming plastic ball caps), tease of the Beast Hunters line, look at Kre-O combiners, discount info on TF Prime toys, new 3rd party toy, and TF video game info. Also have video reviews Fall of Cybertron Grimlock & Starscream, MP Sideswipe & Red Alert, and more. This will be the last link fest of 2012 but next year is looking great with lots of great Hasbro toys in the pipeline including Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, more Fall of Cybertron and Generations toys. Third party makers have hinted at around 3 separate combiners (not Aerielbots, Dinobot combiner, and Throttlebot combiner) along with a bunch of more G1 homages. Takara has MP Soundwave coming and who knows what other creative twists they have in store of us. Over all next year is looking very good for Transformers and that is not even counting Transformer 4 that should start filming in late Spring.

Capbots Gallery
Yep plastic baseball caps that turn into Captimus Prime and Capticon. Still annoyed missed out the the Nike Shoeformers (plastic shoes that transformed) so went ahead and ordered without waiting on review like normally do. They are available now for around $26.

Beast Hunters Toy Line Gallery
Hit the link for a look at some (but not all) of the Transformers Prime - Beast Hunters toy line that is coming out around Spring 2013. The gallery is an in package look at Voyager Predaking (dragon alt mode), deluxe wave 1 (Bumblebee, Soundwave, Wheeljack, Laserbeak, can't tell if new molds or modified existing ones), Kre-O Beast Hunters sets, and some vinyl figures called "The Loyal Subjects" (beats me).

Kre-O Combiner Galleries - Bruticus | Predaking
Hit the links to view the two upcoming Kre-O Microchanger Combiners that will be coming out soon. The Kreons will be sold packages containing the four Kreon's needed for the combined TF. The fifth member of each team is part of the Kreon blind packs but is not needed for the combined figure. No idea on release date.

Discounts on TF Prime Deluxes and Voyagers
Before hitting up one of the major toy stores for Transformers Prime you might want to hit up Ross and TJ Maxx instead. Ross is currently selling TF Prime deluxes at $6.99 and Voyagers at $11.99 including new releases like Ultra Magnus. TJ Maxx's price is $6.99 for deluxes and $13 for Voyagers. I was able to confirm the Ross prices when did a drive by for a few toys.

Apex (not Twin Twist) and Geminus (not Topspin) Gallery
Two more Generation One Transformers are getting a modern update from new third party maker MECH iDEAS. These cool looking TFs are estimated to come out in March 2013 for a price of $38 each.

Fall of Cybertron Blaster
At the link is a look at Fall of Cybertron Blaster with Steeljaw. He is a repaint of Voyager Soundwave (who is out now at Soundwave also already has one repaint with Soundblaster (also out at No clue if he will have his own data disc TF (speaking of has Ratbat/Frenzy and Rumble/Ravage).

Transformers Prime Happy Meal Toys
Starting in a few weeks, Happy Meals will be coming with Transformers Prime (or Hello Kitty Toys). Last year's non-transforming toys were vehicle modes of various characters. This year's (or guess early 2013) is also non-transforming but in a robot mode. The characters will be Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Breakdown, Megatron, and Starscream.

Transformers Legends Gallery
At the link is over 90 images from the Transformers Legends Mobile card game. Currently it is available for Android devices with an iOS version coming soon. I know absolutely nothing about the game but the images for it are fantastic.

Transformers Universe MMO Article
Edge Online has posted a long article explaining many of the details for next year's Transformers Universe MMORPG. The free to play game will work in web browsers and use micro-transactions for income. Unlike most MMORPG's, this one will focus action similar to League of Legends. Hit the link for more details and screenshots from the game. The game is accepting sign-ups at the Transformers Universe website. (via Seibertron)

Fall of Cybertron Grimlock Review
It is a shamed that Hasbro didn't get Grimlock out for Christmas as I suspect it would have been very popular. Judging by the review he is that right mix of good alt mode (bad-@%# T-rex), powerful looking robot mode with a not too complicated transformation. A gallery can also be found here. Not a clue when the toy is supposed to be released.

MP-12 Sideswipe and MP-14 Red Alert Reviews
Last month the latest Takara figure MP-12 Sideswipe was released and this month it is MP-14. MP-13 is Soundwave, delayed until Feb. 2013. Both are the same molds but in each characters classic Generation One colors. The MP remains the best line of Transformers ever created and these are no exceptions. Quality costs so these essentially deluxe sized toys cost $90 each. Out now at your favorite online TF store (I recommend and A gallery of images can be found here.

F-4 Phantom Review
TFC Toys has started to release their next combiner called Uranos (aka Superion). The first of five figures is simply called the F-4 Phantom. I don't think they have formal names, choosing to stick with what type of military plane their alt modes. The next two figures are F-15 Eagle and SR-71 Blackbird. Release dates early next year. The average cost of each is around $100 so much like TFC's Hercules (not Devastator), it isn't going to come cheap.

Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Starscream
What is a line without some version of Starscream? An incomplete one of course. Coming soon is the Fall of Cybertron version of Starscream that is pretty darn good and worth considering picking up whenever hits stores (no idea when). A gallery of the figure is here.

Perfect Effect PE-12 Assault Force X Review
Below video is a review of the third repaint for Perfect Effect's not-Reflector combiner. Unlike the previous two sets, this one has the paint scheme of Reflector. It costs around $85 but is a pretty sweet third party toy. Available now.

Transformers Prime Deluxe Smokescreen
Below is the video review of deluxe Smokescreen, the Takara version. Currently Hasbro has no plans to release this figure stateside. Surprising considering this is simply a repaint of deluxe Knockout and we know Hasbro loves the repaints. Since a repaint his non-stateside release isn't much of a loss.


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