Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wahlberg Talks Joining Transformers 4, Filming Start Date

Mark Wahlberg continues to make the rounds to promote Broken City and with it comes Transformers 4 questions. While he doesn't reveal any story specifics he does talk about why he joined the project and that he thinks filming will start "at the end of May.

From Knoxville News:
Q: You're going to be in Michael Bay's "Transformers 4." What can you say about it?
Wahlberg: Just that I had a great experience working with Michael (Bay in the action comedy "Pain & Gain"). We really hit it off and we complimented each other so well on the set. We made something that was really good and special. So he goes, "What do you think about doing this 'Transformers' movie?" I said, "Well, what do you want me to do?" And he told me, and I said, "Absolutely.

Q: Are you nervous about entering this popular franchise?
Wahlberg: I think it will be the most challenging role that I've played and it's an opportunity for me to do something extremely different. It's going to be very different from what the first ones were. I'm excited about it. When I talked to (producer) Steven Spielberg and Michael and said, "Don't worry guys, this is not me taking a paycheck and running with it. This is me trying to do something different."

Q: Are your kids excited about it?
Wahlberg: It's the first time they've ever been excited about me going off to do a movie, and they demand to be in it.
Will you have to put more weight on for “Transformers 4”?
Wahlberg: Well I took a month off – I just started working out, I’m in my 4th week now – hopefully we’ll do “Avon Man” before “Transformers,” which is this comedy we have at Fox that we’ve been developing; it’s kind of like my first romantic comedy.

Can you tell us anything about “Transformers 4” or “Ted 2”?
Wahlberg: I could tell you that we’re doing “Transformers” starting at the end of May, and then “Ted” in September. You know I can’t give you too many story points or Michael will not be happy. But I can tell you that I’m very excited, obviously I had a great working relationship with Michael on “Pain & Gain.”

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