Friday, March 01, 2013

New Transformers Prime Trailer, Cancellation Confirmed

IGN has officially confirmed (in case the comments from a Senior VP was not enough) that Transformers Prime has been officially cancelled after season 3. The final 13 episodes for Transformers Prime Beast Hunters start airing on March 22nd at 7:30PM EST. The current plan is to air four news episodes each week then starting on April 19 repeat those same four with added "Autobits" ("behind-the-scenes trivia with exclusive in-picture commentary designed to create an immersive viewing experience") and then resume with new episodes in May. Considering Hasbro plans on releasing a wave of Beast Hunters toys for the Christmas holiday season, I would not be surprised if the season gets split in two with around 7 episodes before summer and the rest in early Fall with the season 3 DVD release in late October, early November. New trailer below.

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