Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Transformers 4 Principle Photography Begins, Two Autobot Vehicles Introduced

Today principle photography on Transformers 4 has officially begun according to MicahelBay.com in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona. The site also posted pictures (below) of two Autobot vehicles, a green 2014 Corvette Stingray and 2013 black & blue Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse. As for what characters these gorgeous vehicles represent, only time will tell. Thanks to Mauri D. for the heads-up. Update: Hi-Res images of the cars can be found on site's Flickr stream. Thanks to Jeffrey Marshall for the link.

The caption for Stingray:
Transformers 4 Starts Filming in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Here’s a sneak peek from our first day of production on Transformers 4! As guests of the Navajo Nation, we took a convoy of brand new, re-envisioned and remodeled Autobots out for a spin down Highway 163 in Monument Valley near the border of Arizona and Utah.

The caption for the Vitesse:
A classy 1,200-horsepower Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse worth more than $2.4 million.


  1. Stingray - Hound

    Vitesse/Veyron - Drift

  2. wouldn't the Stingray still be sideswipe?

  3. Sideswipe and Drift

  4. smokescraen?

  5. Smokescreen for sure

  6. I agree, Vitesse would be Smokescreen and most importantly a character already introduced in Transformers Prime Beast Hunter on the Hub network.

  7. I swear Sideswipe better be in this and if he is, his mode hopefully isn't changed!!


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