Monday, June 17, 2013

Fairfield Township, MI Added to Transformers 4 Locations

You can add yet another potential location to the Transformers 4 slate as The Daily Telegram is reporting that Fairfield Township, MI might host the production along a two mile section of roadway Michigan-52 (M-52). It seems that whatever is being filmed is part of the "chase from hell" and as the section of road will be closed for four days from June 25 at 8PM until June 29 at 9am.

Also an agreement has been worked out with the Fairfield Township Fire Department to be on hand during filming so guessing some pyrotechnics and other stunts might be filmed while the Lenawee County Sheriff's Department will handle traffic control as its detoured along adjacent country roads. The reason for the end of June filming is to get the wheatfield backdrops before harvesting begins in July. Initially Transformers 4 production wanted a four-lane highway but settled for the two-lane M-52 when could not find one that could be closed for the needed time period. Despite what seems like a lot of advance preparation an email to the Telegram said "nothing is definite yet." Thanks to Wynton R. for the link.

As for the TF4 Autobot logo, it is not an official logo but a creation of Jeffrey Marshall of Pixel Rally. You can find more versions of them here.

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  1. yes they are filming in M52 in michigan. it is only about 10 miles from where i live, and a guy at work is on that fire department and is going to be at the shoot for those days. haven't heard what is going to happen but i would guess explosions of some sort since the fire dept will be on hand the whole time they film there


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